Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ghosting 12 Is Going To Canal 30 Woodlands To Tell Some Scary Ghost Tales!

Lock 30 Woodlands is a beautiful camp ground along Beaver Creek.  In one small area, there are 4 locks, starting with Lock #27 or Lusk's Lock.  Lock #'s 28 and 29 I have only heard about but have never been to.  Earlier this year, I finally made it to Lock  #30, which I didn't know existed.  It was a real learning experience for me because this Lock ended up teaching me about the different types of Locks there are.  Lock #30 is an unfinished lock.  There is no facing on it.  The Canal System ran out of money 10 years after construction started and once they were backed by the government, the rest of the canals were built, but not finished. 
There is also an old bell on the property that sits in a beautiful stone pedestal ... It is beautiful. 
G12 will be down there on August 14 to tell ghost stories around the camp fire.  We are greatly looking forward to this and hope everyone enjoys it! 
Looking for any stories about old Lock #30, so if any of you know any, please let me know!