Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our First Lock 57 Adventure

It was very warm.  No wind.  Everything was just still.  You could smell dirt. The lone cry of a coyote would sometimes break the silence.  And Sammi and Briana singing.

We even tried singing hymns ourselves in an effort to get the 5 nuns to sing for us, but nothing worked.  We stood under the bridge and did one ghost box session where we were directed to go to the dock.  So we did.

It was at the dock, sitting all too comfortably, that we heard, more than once, some one walking across the bridge.  Certain that we would get these events recorded on our digital recorders, we eagerly listened and heard.....
Nothing.  We checked the still water to make sure it was still.  It wasn't lapping onto anything.  We tried bouncing around on the dock to make the same sounds, but it barely squeaked.  Yet we distinctly heard loud, pounding footfalls traveling across the bridge, as if some one were walking across it, right toward us.  We got one good orb picture, but nothing more in the photo area.  I am not sure what we experienced, but we are all eager to do it again.  My crew tonight was Sammi, Briana, Amber, Becky, Maria and Will.  Lock 57 definitely has our interest!