Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp Tales at Lock 30 Woodlands

Despite the storm, we had a great evening at Lock 30 last night.  We had a nice crowd, all of whom braved the wind and rain to come and hear our tales.  We told them of Gretchen, Esther, Sadie, Christina, Pretty Boy Floyd, General Morgan, Billy Amos, Lucy Cobb, Jake, and several others.  We then did a few EVP and Ghost Box Sessions with some surprising results.  We may have talked to a Civil War Soldier.  It was intriguing. 
We hope to visit Lock 30 again in the future.  I understand that they thought we were going to tell scary, can't sleep at night, tales, only to discover we told tales of history instead.  They were pleasantly surprised.  G12 had a great time and hope they did, too.
Oh, and thankfully I had Dave here this evening to take pictures!  I have missed his many shots and angles.  We will be without him again as he retires from the military soon and will be headed for England for a couple of weeks.  He and his wife, Mary Ann, are taking the Jack the Ripper tour, among many,  and I am excited to see what they discover!