Monday, August 23, 2010

A Private Pioneer Family Cemetery

By David McElroy
A private pioneer family cemetery lies in the midst of a modern power plant complex at Shippingport.

The Christier Cemetery, containing the body of a Revolutionary War veteran, stands on a hilltop overlook the Ohio River within the Beaver Valley Power Station just east of the Shippingport Bridge.
The tract is part of the original Christ...ier 500 plus acres given to Michael Christier for service with a Virginia unit during the Revolutionary War. He along with John Christier, a War of 1812 veteran, are buried there.
Also interred are three boys who drowned in the Ohio River while traveling in the area and whose families could not be located.
The cemetery was discovered in the 1970s hidden by brush after the tract was purchased for the Beaver Valley Power Station. The utility preserved it.

A Midnight Run At Gretchen's Lock Aug 22

Yet another adventure at Gretchen's Lock and we had a great time!  The full moon just aluminates the area like nothing else.  It is beautiful down there any time, but a full moon is a must see site.  My ghost hunters for the evening included Brooke, Sammi, Briana, Will, Brian, Mike, and Lindsey.  Lindsey is a member of the Ghosting 12 Paranormal Virginia crew.  They are here for a visit with family.  She left today and we will miss her! 

We try to have a lot of fun on the adventures we go out on.  A series of emotions can sometimes help to elevate paranormal activity.  I wonder if Gretchen's Lock has been overhunted however.  Not much happened.  We did see several possible Shadow People in the trees, but nothing else. 
We are searching for other areas to investigate for midnight runs.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.