Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spring Hill Cemetery Wellsville, Ohio

Went for a visit to
Spring Hill Cemetery near Wellsville, Ohio yesterday.  To my delight, it is full of beautiful head stones.  The statues are my favorite to see.  They are so dramatic and detailed.  There is also one family plot that, at first I thought was the remains of an old church.    The whole feel of the place was amazing.
We are
working on getting permission to visit the park after dark. 
I am interested in the story of a man with the last name of Silver, who, it is said, was so evil, that no one would bury him in the cemetery with everyone else.  He was rumored to be a warlock perhaps.  Rich for sure as he is supposed to be in a Mausoleum?  We couldn't find it, so anyone who has heard of this and knows where it is, please let me know!  I am going back to my original source to get a map! :)