Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3rd Annual CCFHV Balloon Launch For The Unsolved Murders and Missing Persons of Columbiana County

Some of the Board Members for Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims from Left to Right:
Brian Vaughn-
Kimberly Mitchell(Vice President)-
Belinda Puchajda(President)-
Barb Brown(Treasurer)-
Sherrill Jackson(Alternate Board Member)
and leaning in front is:
Marian Spack(Alternate Board Member) and Cassidie Edwards(Secretary)
A former member of my crew, not in the picture is also on the board.  Her name is Amy Fraser.

I don't often talk about CCFHV on here as I try to keep separate the unsolved murder aspect of my life  and ghost hunting.  Once a year CCFHV has one big vigil for all the unsolved murder victims and Aug 29 was the date for it this year.  It was the biggest we have had so far!  It is the only event, besides the Missing Persons Vigil, where you actually hear what the families go through in their own words.  Not all of them speak, but some do.  We also made it to Channel 27 News for the first time.  I put the link up there for it.  This gives you an idea of what goes on.   
My friend Belinda Puchajda and I work hard for these families because we  have grown to love them all and will do anything  we can to help them.  We not only try to get info on their cases, but we try to help them understand why the cases are not yet solved and try to educate the community about the truly hard job our Law Enforcement Officials have in trying to solve these cases.  In the end, we may never know what happened, but the memory of these people will go on because CCFHV has vowed to never forget!

Anton Brewer, of Lisbon Ohio, Was A Victim of The Sultana Disaster of 1865

The link above provides you with the story of the Sultana, the worst Maritime disaster in Amercan History.  Over 1800 people lost their lives.  One of those 1880 people lived in Lisbon, Oh. 
The picture of the large pink mansion above was built in the 1850's by a lawyer named Anton Brewer To this day it is one of the largest largest mansions in Columbiana County.  He would go on to fight in the Civil War as an officer.  During his struggle, he became a prisoner of war.  A few days after the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, Anton found himself released and on his way home.  He boarded the ill-fated Sultana, a ship with the capacity for only about 376 people. It was over loaded with over 2300. Most of the new passengers were Union soldiers, chiefly from Ohio and just released from Confederate prison camps such as Cahawba and Andersonville. An explosion of one of the four boilers
killed over 1800 people, including Anton Brewer. It is little known because it occurred just a few days after the murder of President Lincoln, which far out shadowed this event.