Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reading the German Written on the Three Witches Graves Near Columbiana.

I got an email today from a very nice person named Leo O'Malley.  I printed it on here so you could read it.  It is about the Three Witches Graves on Lipply Rd. near Columbiana, Ohio.  This is what I hope to accomplish by doing all the research and looking for the history of our county.  The real story is worth more because often it is better.  In this case Witches are about as far as it gets from what the true story is.  Read on:
I came across your blog recently, and it is very interesting. I liked reading about your events and looking at the photos of cemeteries I've yet to visit. I have always enjoyed photographing cemeteries and reading ghost stories, even though I am a skeptic. I noticed a post in May about the supposed "witches graves" on Lipply Road near Columbiana. I have visited this area to photograph the graves and have done some research on the cemetery there. It's called the Haller (Holler) family cemetery, and there are 4 people buried there.
There are 2 monuments and one foot stone-one in German for Katharina, and a column in English for Leah, Agnes, and Jacob Hollar. None of these people were witches. I speak German, and can tell you assuredly that Katharina was a 17 year old Lutheran preacher's wife. I appreciate how in your blog that you write these are supposedly witches and didn't automatically write that they where as other sites did. A lot of the "legends" seem to reflect ignorance-mainly by assuming that the foot stone was another grave, that only 3 people were buried here, and that just because the stone is in a foreign language, something sinister is afoot.
I would appreciate if you could copy my letter into your blog, so we can help preserve history and dispel vicious rumours.
Again, keep up the good work!
Leo O'Malley

Thank you Mr. O'Malley for writing and letting me and everyone else know some of the true story of this little cemetery.  And sharing the meaning of the words written on them!   Here is a link to the story he is referring to from this blog.
A story will be coming soon about another legend from this County that has been disputed!