Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spring Grove Cemetery Tour-OCT 17 AND 20

So far things are looking good for our Spring Grove Tour on October 17th at 4pm and October 20 at 6pm.  We walked around the area recently and discussed what we hoped to gain from this fundraising event.  The stone monument  with the name Golden on it was built in the 1940's by a member of the Golden family as a memorial to his family.  Shortly after he built it, he himself died.  No one takes care of it now and it slowly crumbles away.  This monument has the misfortune of being in the section of Spring Grove that has no one to take care of it.  Sections A, C and part of B make up the more than half of Spring Grove the has no official caretaker.  Most of Section B is cared for by East Liverpool Township. They mow it, chip and sealed their part of the road, and in general care for this section of the Cemetery only.   It is appreciated that at least part of it has some care.

But the rest of the area has no one.  In the following pictures you see high grass everywhere and divots in the ground that need filled in , and the rest of the road that could also use a chip and seal.  This is the oldest section of the cemetery and  contains the history makers of our area.  People that helped to shape our area, govern it, work in it and build it.   Saviours, victims, and even bad guys are laid to rest here.  Fire Victims, drownings, murders, illness, mystery, intrigue.  Stories that are amazing us as we find them.  There is even a professional baseball player layed to rest here!

The cost is a suggested $5 donation.  If you decide to donate more, it will be greatly appreciated.  ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE GIVEN TO BENEFIT THE SECTIONS OF SPRING GROVE CEMETERY THAT HAVE NO CARETAKER!!!
We will not be touring the part of \section B that is taken care of by the township, though we will have a few stories of the citizens buried there.  Please try to make time for this haunting tour of one of the keepers of our history.  Spring Grove Cemetery.