Monday, October 4, 2010

Introducing The New Shirt Design For Ghosting 12!

After over a month of discussion that  included some heated moments, we finally finished our new logo!  We used a little of several ideas to come up with this.  Jen and Amber played with the oval design.  Jen also found the cool Font. Alan came up with G12P.  Becky wanted the web address on there.  And Briana suggested to put "Something is out there..." on it somewhere.
There were several who wanted "Something is out there"  on the back also, so we got that, too!  We also have two different shirt colors.  Black and Blood Red (suggested by Sena).   So please be on the look out for us in our new shirts!  And Hoodies, too!  If it isn't this design you see for someone claiming to be from Ghosting 12 Paranormal, it isn't us.