Friday, October 8, 2010

Julia Walls and Frank Cascio-Two Parts To An Unsolved Murder

 The murder of Julia Walls is a mystery that remains unsolved to this day.  She was found stuffed in a barrel in 1940 on the corner of Jennings and St. Clair Avenue.  Her body was still warm.  It was determined, ultimately, that she was strangled.   She became known as the Barrel Lady.

Accused of her murder was Frank Cascio.  But despite efforts to find proof against him, there was none, and charges were dropped.  These are the only two pictures available for them now, from an old newspaper clipping.  Haunting.

Frank Cascio died in 1961 and has a grave stone to mark where he is buried. Julia does not have one. Her grave is marked only by a tree growing at the site.