Friday, October 15, 2010

Spring Grove Cemetery Has A Baby Section

Spring Grove has many secrets.  Not because it was intended to be that way, but from human error.  As Becky and I worked on the final route for the tour yesterday, a woman came up to us and asked if we knew where section B was.  She was looking for the grave of an infant from 1953.  I took a deep breath.  Spring Grove is a Genealogists nightmare, unfortunately, and started to tell this nice lady just that.  She halted me in my tracks however when she said Virginia Myler (the former caretaker of Spring Grove who died a few years ago taking invaluable information with her.  She had it all memorized and knew where everyone was.  But none of it was ever written down) had told them where is was herself a few years back.  They just couldn't find it.  Then she said "She told us he was in the  baby section".  I promptly got so excited I forgot Becky's last name!  Spring Grove has a baby section?  So we followed the directions that Virginia had given them and area that has not too many markers in an older section.  What markers are there are for babies.  We had also been working on finding the indigent section, which is remarked to be down the hill.  There is no mention of what hill.  For that matter, when it first started, Spring Grove was for indigents.  The Poor buried their dead here.  While neighboring St. Als has only 1900 buried there and is about the same size as Spring Grove, the latter has 7600 burials.  7600 is a huge number. Riverview has over 15000 buried there and is a large cemetery.  Spring Grove is nowhere near that  in size.  How can it have 7600 burials?  The mystery deepens.  We did find a little section a little while later that had several stones just for babies, along with the grave marker pictured above.  There is a name on one of the fingers but we couldn't read it well.  Yes, Spring Grove has a baby section.  And so many other secrets.  Please come to our tour of this mysterious and historic cemetery to find out more.  October 17 at 4pm and October 20 at 6pm.  There is a suggested donation of $5 per person.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SPRING GROVE CEMETERY(the section that has no caretaker).