Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Recap and Movie Review

G12P went to see Paranormal Activity 2 on Sunday and had a great time.  Now, I don't watch scary movies.  I  don't want my perception of a ghost hunting situation to be clouded by my over active imagination.  But we went as a group and that sounded really fun to me.  I was truly prepared to be totally scared out of my mind.  I wasn't.  It was boring!  There were too many shots of a the swimming pool with nothing happening  but the lights going out.  There was too many shots of the kitchen and living room where nothing happened at all.  There were two incidents that caused me to jump but I didn't scream even once.  It was just boring.  While I was disappointed in the movie however, others were not.  The first one was literally haunting.  Part 2 was just boring .  Being with my crew members, who are also my friends, was great however!   Here is what some of my crew said.
Becky Buren October 24 at 9:15pm Report

while the atmosphere and company were excellent, the film was dry and slow paced. although the plot was a little more believable in this second one with installing security cameras as a result of a what was thought to be a break in rather than someone actually just leaving a video camera running at all times even when they weren't home. the dog was great. he was the most believable character. i am disappointed when i see a "scary " movie and do not jump once or feel anxiety at the anticipation of what is to come. i would recommend watching this movie after it is on dvd, because the giant screen nor theater sound add any chill factor. but it was a good time with great people and worth the time spent.
Briana CarrollI liked it it helped make the first one make since more it was a little slow to pick up to the suspense and when it got suspensful it was "hollywood" good. But i liked it :)
Amber Rodgers-I liked it....tells you more of what happen from the firsts one....not as scary maybe as the first one but it was just as good
We pretty much had the place to ourselves. Too bad it wasn't a better movie.  I am sure we will do this again! 

We also went to Salem to do a reveal (TAPS Lingo!).  We were a little early so we went to Hope Cemetery and visited the grave site of Little Goldie Bell Taylor!  Always a haunting experience, for sure.
Our Kiddie Matinee was nice.  We had about 10 sites set up around the park for the little ones to visit.  Our cast included Freddy, Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, a ghost, a princess, a fairy princess, a crazy guy, Jason, an Undertaker, and crazy Maud in curlers!  We also had face painting set up.  We will be doing this again on Saturday, Oct 30!  Please come out and walk the circle with your kids.  We are giving out candy at every scene. 
We also went out on a Midnight Run!  We went with Jaycees and ended up out at Bowman's Cemetery!  But it didn't stop there!   We also walked all through the woods, looking for the Bowman Cemetery Witch!  No we didn't find her.  Bummer. We also climbed a mountain in an effort to find some remnants of civilization that might have been around 100 years ago!  We came away with the knowledge that there is nothing anywhere around Bowman's Cemetery.  It is in the middle of nowhere, for sure.
We hope to continue these adventures with our friends at the Jaycees.  Several G12 crew members applied for Jaycees.  This organization works hard to hep our community in so many ways!  They bring you the Christmas Parade, sponsor the Special Olympics, work with the city to put on the Pottery Festival, and are willing to try anything and everything new.  Look how many we have ghost hunting with us!  If you are going to be the experts at scare, I think it is great that some of them are taking it to the next level to learn about the real stuff, too!
Mike seemed to have found his calling, finally, for the Haunted Park.  He greatly enjoys being an evil clown!  And looks pretty good, too!

 Erin, a member of Jaycees, walked around being beautifully scary!  Jaycees and Ghosting 12 have a lot in common.  There are people who came for everything, nearly every night.  Such is the case with Erin.  She is a dedicated member of that worthy organization.
Maykayla was great portraying Jigsaw and riding a three wheeled bike.  And Alex, with his Ozzy costume, just fit right in!
And that was our weekend.  Packed full of events and fun, it is what we live for!  And this weekend we are doing it again!  Look out everyone!  Halloween Weekend is almost here!!