Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Midnight Adventure to Grimms Bridge--Locks 50 and 51

 After the last night of Haunting at Thompson Park, several of my crew and Jaycees decided to have a midnight run at Grimms Bridge.  That area is a mystery for the most part and everyone who goes there is truly bothered by being in the area.  It is like we are not supposed to be there, ever.  
April tried to leave and as she crossed the bridge, she drove right through what she thought might have been an apparation.  She was utterly amazed at her experience and told us in detail what she saw.  The apparation looked like a woman, though she wasn't sure. 

As you can see, many still have their haunting faces on and we wondered if that didn't attract some of the extra activity we ran into on this night.  We were also ringing bells and that may have been a factor in the extreme activity we encountered.

 We were using something similar to a Ghost Radar and as everyone introduced themselves, the name TOM came was blurted from this application.  Also, the K2 meter went off several times, making us wonder what else we might run into.
This was my brave crew for the evening who were also doing their best to distract me from the sorrow I was feeling at my mom's passing the day before.  I love these guys so much.   We will be going back to this area very soon. 
Tonight we are off on another adventure, possibly at Gretchen's Lock.  But then, there is so much work that needs done here, yet.  Hmmmmm........