Wednesday, November 10, 2010


 At about 10:30 last night, as I was watching Sons of Anarchy with Jon and Amber at their house, Brooke and Sammi, who are fast friends, called to say they were coming over.  Cool. Always a pleasure to see those two.  Of course, they were interested in a midnight run and the last minute ones are the best kind.  So a few text messages later found us with Briana and Staci, our new Jaycees friend, willing to brave the Grimms Bridge area with us.  All girls for the night, we met at Sheets, got coffee, and headed out!
 Of course the first picture I take for the evening has a red orb in it.  Great.  Nothing like an  angry spirit to start the night.

 It was cold, I don't mind telling you, but also so very quiet.  No bugs chirping or cars constantly driving past.  But there was a lot of tension in the air and we could all feel it.
 The K2 meter lit up like a Christmas Tree a few times, though we could not get it to communicate with us on an intelligent level. Light up once for yes and twice for no just wasn't in it's vocabulary.  If it said no a lot, it was emphasizing it to the extreme.  There is no power source here, and we quickly dismissed the possibility that it was a cell phone. 
 We have been ringing bells at our investigations lately, thanks to our psychic, Christy and some of her research.  The Bells tend to make things happen, much to our fright and delight.  Note the moving orb above Sammi's head.
Despite the presence of such beauty as my lovely crew for the evening, no spirits opted to join us in any pics on purpose.  But then, we wouldn't stop ringing the bells, so maybe that is why. 

Another problem we had was catching our own breath in the pics.  There was no wind and our frosty exhales seemed to hang in the air for a long time. 
Sounds coming from the woods were haunting and spooky.  I have heard deer walking through the woods, but they always seem to take a step and wait.  Take a step and wait.  The sounds we heard before we left seemed to be stomps coming through the woods toward us on purpose.  At 1am, it is a heart pounding experience.  At least two drivers had a hard time calmly opening their doors to their cars which made it seem that much more frightening. It was awesome!!   It was a great adventure we look forward to doing again!  Midnight Run anyone?