Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bigfoot? Bear? Something is out there....

 Yet another visit to Grimms Bridge area and our investigation into the ghosts that roam that area.  They are there, for sure.  According to one theory, it is more haunted in areas near running water, like Beaver Creek. It is also more haunted in areas near Rail Roads.  That's there too with the old Montour Rail Road.  While the rails are gone, the pass of the trains are still quite visible.  Standing on top of the old train bridge there, we have been hunting and finding spooky activity.

On Thursday night we returned to the bridge and not only found some paranormal activity, but also possibly heard Bigfoot.  Can't be sure because the noise we heard only happened once.  What ever it was, I never heard anything like it.  It started out like soft moans or whimpers below the road.  Then we heard something going through the woods.  Then we heard this eerie strangled kind of sound that was very loud coming out of the woods.  Paralyzed with fear for a few moments, my first thought was to leave because we had at least 10 people there.  But my crypto crew member, Amber, wanted to stay.  Stay we did. 

We also got a few nice EVP for the evening.   Spooked a lot we finally left around 2am to the safety of our beds.  Today we went back to the area to look for clues of what happened.
   What we found was a foot print by the creek.  It was very large and of course I didn't have my plaster with me to cast it.  Worse still, pics didn't turn out as well as I'd like.  You can make out the print in this pictures, for sure.  the tripod laying beside it is about 9 inches long.  The foot print may be that of a bear, though I am no expert for sure.  Even the thought of a bear in this area is heart pounding and exciting.  We heard something that night we were out there. We don't know what yet, but I assure you, G12P will find out!