Friday, November 26, 2010

November Blue Moon

November was a month full of investigations for us, both private and Midnight Runs.  We also had a Blue Moon, which sent us out to some public areas to see if this phenomenon had any affect on our paranormal friends. 
Sunday, November 21, found us down at Gretchen's Lock on the Virgin Trail.  We have had several experiences back this lonely, path that is mostly a horse trail.  At a certain point back here, your stomache starts to twist into knotts and you feel like it is the last place you should be. 

This is Christy, standing beside an old tree that fell across the path once upon a time.  It was a very old tree that I think may have been alive when Sprucevale was in its prime.  It is almost taller than Christy, even laying on it's side. 
We did several EVP Sessions and even threw out some Bigfoot calls for good measure.  It was somewhat cold though.  No bugs.  No birds.  Nothing moving around.  All was very quiet. 

 When we were done there, we went to Mr. Floyds.  Christy gave us a reading on the place.  She says there is two spirits she could feel there, neither of which was Mr. Floyd.  One was an old man who she thinks is totally insane.  She said he kept telling her "Mine."  The other was that of a girl named Sarah.   She claims to have been murdered in the 70's and her body is somewhere hidden in the woods down by Gretchen's.  She was very sad and sure that no one will ever find her. 
 November 22 found us enjoying the Blue Moon down at Grimms Bridge.  That area is so way haunted!  We have been spending most of your Midnight Runs here for two months.  Eric, another psychic on our crew (he's new to it, but Christy is helping him along) was along for this adventure.  So was Sena and Sammi.
On this night, we were a little more fortunate. Nothing in our pics  and not too much for EVP but....

Our K2 meter was off the hook!  Not only was it lighting up, but it was staying lit up on red, at one point for 22 seconds straight.  All cell phones were off and there is no electricity down there.  We are continuing to investigate this area to find some answers.

Ghost hunting during a full moon is a beautiful experience just to see the moonlight, but it also make ghost hunting easier.  No flashlights required in many cases.  We will be having many more Midnight Adventures that we post on our FB page before we go.  If you are interested, please check it out. 
Ghosting 12 Paranormal facebook Page

Also, here is a link about the Blue Moon we experienced November 21.
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