Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 29 Midnight Run Went To The Old Train Tunnel At Grimms Bridge

My crew for the evening was Staci, Sammi, Brooke, Briana, Crystal and Dan.  We went to The Grimms Bridge area once again, our current favorite place to hunt. 
We made our way carefully back to the old abandoned train tunnel, by far one of the creepiest places in the county.  We follow the old path that once held the train tracks for the Montour Railroad.
Dan is fearless as you can see.  He climbed to the top and surveyed the area.  
 We were fortunate to get several EVP for the evening and this picture.  It appears to be an apparition of some sort!  We were truly excited to see this and hope to investigate the area more.
Most of the train tracks are gone accept when you get right up by the tunnel.   The run into the tunnel and disappear into the murky water that slowly fills it a little more every year.
Most of my crew is here standing before the opening to the tunnel.  If you stand in the right spot you can hear a perfect echo.  One of the nice things about making your way back here.  We had a truly outstanding time.  We hope to get more work done out here in this barely explored and investigated section of Beaver Creek.  We are also looking for stories about the area, both legend and fact.