Sunday, December 5, 2010

G12P In The East Liverpool Christmas Parade

 Ghosting 12 Paranormal was in the East Liverpool Christmas Parade this year and we had a blast!  Thank you to our very good friends, The East Liverpool Jaycees for all their help and guidance!!
We were able to get a truck, thanks to Becky and Jim Buren, who offered their car hauling truck with a nice big flat bed!  It was perfect!  Thank you guys so much for your kind generosity! 

 Crew members Teresa and Alan Ammon Jr. carried our banner at the head of our little procession.  They did a fantastic job of showing everyone who we were.  Our banner was given to us by our crew member, Dave McElroy! It is beautiful and Thank You Dave, so much!
 Our Theme for this parade was A Christmas Carol with the ever favorite Bob Cratchet, played by Jon!  He was at the emergency room earlier today because he  accidentally swallowed liquid wrench and his throat started to swell.  Two shots and some pain killers later found him right there on the float!  He was great as our Bob Cratchet!  He is a dedicated crew member and a wonderful son.  His presence always brings smiles and laughs to everyone!
 James played The Ghost Of Christmas Present.  He was absolutely perfect for the part!  Might as well have come from the movie!   Being our head Tech, he wanted to video the parade, but the chilly temperatures were too much of a hindrance for the evening.  His appearance more than made our representation of The Christmas Carol fantastic.
 Here you can see our Ebeneezer Scrooge, played by Mike.  He was also perfect for the part.  He was going to shave his beard to give himself side burns, but was with Jon instead at the emergency room.  He is a great step father for sure.  And not a bad Scrooge either!
 Our lovely Amber played The Ghost Of Christmas Past.  The costume was her creation and turned out wonderful.  She also managed to be here today, despite Jon being in the emergency room.  (She and Jon are an item and share a son!  My wonderful Grandson , Tyme!) 
 The eerie form of the Ghost of Christmas Future was played by our crew member, Alex!  He did a fantastic job!  His mom, Jen, who is also a member, provided the wonderful wreaths on the side of the truck bed.   That is an orb on his costume, by the way.
Jacob Marley, Scrooges long dead partner, was played by Will.  He did his own makeup and it was awesome! 
Makayla, who is a tiny little lady, played our Tiny Tim!  She is also a member of our crew and is Teresa's daughter.  Her mom made her costume, which was, like the others, perfect!

And these fine ladies had the fast paced job of handing out candy to the kids along the parade route!  Despite our large bag of candy, we were out before we got half way around!  But as you can see, they were having fun.  This is Mary, Christy, Briana, Maria, Jen, and Sena.  Becky was here also, but isn't in the picture.
Parades were new to me, as I had never been in one before.  I  also had never been to an East Liverpool Christmas parade before either.  And honestly,  tonight I found myself thinking that I didn't want to be anywhere else but walking down those brightly lit streets, freezing my butt off, being with my friends and crew members!  It was truly awesome!