Monday, December 13, 2010

What Dreams May Come

Ghosting 12 Paranormal has come a long way this year.  It took a lot of hard work, over a dozen tours, getting out there and introducing ourselves to the public and working together, the best and yet hardest of all.  For example, in designing our new logo, I wanted it to be done by everyone.  Many of my crew submitted their ideas and drawings of what our new logo could be.  Then we voted on it.  That turned into massive mayhem!  So then, in a combined effort, we pulled together several ideas from the drawings and came up with our new logo.  It is a little bit from several ideas.  And it worked better than we could have imagined!  Because we did it together.   It was a lot of fist pounding and fretting and deep breaths and nail biting(mostly by me), but we did it.  We don't always all agree on what we do or where we go.  Our ideas are not always on the right track, but considering there are about 30 of us, I don't think we do too bad.  A crew list will be added on the side column by January with contact emails for everyone.  That way, if you have a favorite crew member and want to ask them questions, please feel free.   We have students (high school and college) nurses, electricians,  musicians, garbage guys, ambulance drivers, store clerks, cable installers, secretaries, lumberjacks, teachers, STNA's, Jaycees members, truck drivers, retired military and home makers on our crew.  Just a large group of like minded people out for a good adventure three or four times a week! 
Without a doubt the greatest thing of all is that any of this exists at all.  There is so much hard work that brought us here.  So many dreams that lead the way.  And so many more yet to experience.  G12P is in the Paranormal House and we are here to stay.
I will be doing a 2010 recap and talk about the year.