Monday, February 28, 2011


 Sometimes you find a rare surprise in your adventures.  As I toured the Gaston Mill at Beaver Creek State Park I took this picture because I was attracted to the many old photos all collaged togethere.  It hangs on the wall on the same floor as the General Morgan display.  Strangely, I paid little attention at first to the portraite on the center top.   On a second visit``I walked past it once more when the name under the portraite registered in my memory. 
This is Edward Gill.  The same Edward Gill who engineered the Sandy and Beaver Canals.  The same Edward Gill, if legend is true, that is the father of our infamous Gretchen Gill.  Gretchen died of malaria or typhoid fever at the age of 12 and was entombed in Lock Number 41, Gretchen's Lock.  At some point her father may or may not have had her body removed to take back to Ireland.  His ship went down at sea and both he and his daughter were buried somewhere out in the Atlantic, or so the legend goes.  In real life, Mr. Gill is buried down in Virginia.  And acording to many historians, never had any children. 
Either way, this is what he looked like.  For me, it makes the story more tangable.  Mr. Gill has a face.  What might that mean for our Gretchen? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nessly Chapel Update

According to the Find-A-Grave site on Nessly Chapel Cemetery, one story about the 20-25 unknown dead deals with the accidental sinking of a steam ship near Chester, WV.  There were many slave in the bottom deck of the ship, all of which died.  Confirmation of this event is unavailable at this time, but it does give us something else to look for.  If we find anything else, we will keep you informed.  This information was found by our newest crew member, Jackson!  Thank you Jackson!  Keep up the great work!

Friday, February 25, 2011

"759 Dresden"-A Documentary of a 1973 Triple Murder in East Liverpool

 In 2008 a man named David Dunlap was in town filming a documentary on the unsolved murder of Earl Tweed and Linda and Angela Morris on July 30, 1973.  Earl had been stabbed over 20 times.  Linda and Angela were beaten to death.  The documentary tells the stories of these people which includes interviews with family members.  It also talks about CCFHV (Columbiana County Families Of Homicide Victims).  Their web site address is
 Yours truly has a small part in the documentary, though I have not gotten to see it yet.  I was working at the CCFHV tent at Rogers Sale and Mr. Dunlap came out and filmed us as we told the people walking by the CCFHV story.   I am not sure at this time when or if this documentary will be shown again.  I heard it would play about 4 different times on the PBS stations.  I hope I get to see it at least once!  I have heard it is very good.  I do have a web site address you can find more information about this documentary entitled "759 Dresden".

The location of this horrific murder is on the East Liverpool Haunted and Historical tour which we will be offering once again during the Tri-State Pottery Festival this year.  We will also have a booth set up with stories and posters about the different legends we have found in the area. 
If I hear anything about the next telecast of the documentary 
"759 Dresden"  I will be sure to post it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melvin Earl Newlin

I have been working on the Wellsville Haunted and Historical Tour for a few weeks now. One of the research materials I have been reading is the Find -A- Grave sight on the Internet.  I went through over 1600 names, looking for any bits of information I could use either for the city tour or the Spring Hill Cemetery Tour we have planned as well.   There are many stories I discovered by doing this, but none affected me as much as this one. 
Melvin Earl Newlin
was born Sep. 27, 1948.  A native of Wellsville, Ohio, he served as a Private First Class in the United States Marine Corps, 2d Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division (Rein), FMF during the Vietnam War. 
On the 3 and 4 of July 1967,  Pfc. Newlin, along with 4 other marines, found themselves manning a key position on the perimeter of the Nong Son outpost when the enemy launched a savage and well coordinated mortar and infantry attack.  His 4 comrades were killed and he was seriously wounded. Using his machine gun to help hold himself up, he poured a deadly accurate stream of fire into the charging ranks of the Viet Cong. Despite the fact that he was  repeatedly hit by small-arms fire, he twice repelled enemy attempts to overrun his position. Their third attempt included a grenade which exploded near him and knocked him to the ground unconscious. The Viet Cong believed him to be dead, and ran right past him to continue their assault on the main force. However,  Pfc. Newlin regained consciousness, crawled back to his weapon, and turned it on the rear of the enemy, halting their advancement. He then spotted the enemy attempting to use a captured 106 recoilless weapon on other marine positions, so he shifted his fire, killing many of the enemy and prevented them from using the captured weapon. He then shifted his fire back to the primary enemy force, causing the enemy to stop their assault on the marine bunkers and to once again attack his machine gun position. Valiantly fighting off 2 more enemy assaults, he firmly held his ground until mortally wounded. Pfc. Newlin had single-handedly disorganized the entire enemy assault force, and delayed them long enough for his fellow marines to organize a defense and beat off their secondary attack. His indomitable courage and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death reflect great credit upon himself and the Marine Corps. On March 18, 1969, he was posthumously awarded his Medal Of Honor by President Richard  Nixon at the White House in Washington, D.C., with his family accepting. His citation reads-
"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a machine gunner attached to the 1st Platoon Company F, 2d Battalion." 
His full story can be found here on the Find-A-Grave web site:
I was moved beyond words about this amazing story.  It is worth a moment of your time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb. 18 Midnight Run To The BCSP Pioneer Village

 I know, this picture sucks, but for some reason, nearly every pic we took of John Trivelli, turned out blurry.  Interesting.  John is a KSU student from the main campus and joined us for the evening to do a short photo story about Paranormal Investigators and how they do an investigation.  By the end of the evening he got a taste of several things, including a little Bigfoot hunting.
 We had a nice crew of about 14.  Ultimately we  split into two crews and tackled the whole area.  As always we had a good time.
 We did several EVP sessions and photo sessions in the area, including the circle below the Pioneer Village.  We are still going over the recordings and pics. So far, some of the EVP's we have gotten include:
"I had an accident"
"My name's Becka"
"Get out of the park"
There are others but I have not listened to all the recorders yet nor has my crew members sent me their results from their own equipment.
 My Co-Lead Investigator Jon and I lead the two crews for the night.  It was cold, but we had several personal experiences which included seeing shadow persons around the Gaston's Mill.  We also had several pics with Red Orbs in them.  Yes.  Yes.  I know.  Controversial, but my personal belief is that there is something to the orbs.  One theory with the red is it means an angry spirit.  Only theory of course.
We were also joined by our newest crew member, Jackson.  He had a good time and did a great job.  I think he is going to work out just fine, at least until we lose him to college.  Sammi and Brooke call him Sparrow (as in Jack Sparrow).  I am sure the name will stick. 

We covered most of the park and thanks to crew members like Briana, we got a lot of good video as well.  Close to the end of the evening, Jon's crew heard loud crashing in the trees in the center of the circle.  Amber, our Lead Cryptozoologist switched from Ghost Hunter to Bigfoot Hunter in a flash.  Via Walkies they told us what was happening and my crew raced to the scene.  Lisa and Jackson took off ahead of us and traveled to the right while the rest of us went to the left.  Ultimately half cut through the woods to join Lisa and Jackson.  We all met back up by the little play area below the Williams house.
John Trivelli got quite a work out between the ghosts and Bigfoot.  He would like to return some time in March and go again.  We look forward to it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Civil War Re-enactment At Beaver Creek State Park May 6-8, 2011

On May 6-8, 2011 you will be able to see more about the Civil War than just the tree that General John Hunt Morgan surrendered under.
 It is called "The Jackson In The Valley" re-enactment.
"Walk through the authentic camps and speak to the soldiers as they go about daily camp life. Hold the weapons, try on uniforms, listen to the stories of the soldiers, and woman as they portray the citizens of the 1860's!"

My pictures are from the 2009 BCSP Harvest Days.  They had a small group there giving us an idea of the life of a Civil War Union soldier camp.  
 The uniforms were impressive and the dresses beautiful!  As this couple entered their camp, they made for quite an entrance!
I am looking forward to his event and hope to get some of my ghost legends involved in it somehow!  You may see Esther Hale and Gretchen Gill somewhere out there if they will let us! 
If not, then you will see Ghosting 12 Paranormal roaming the area, learning about the past, and looking for it's ghosts!
I will have more information on this event as I find out about it!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

At Night Alone At BCSP

Last night found us at Beaver Creek State Park at the Poineer Village once more. A few weeks ago we went down and heard this strange animal noise that spooked us enough to leave after only a few minutes. We had our Video camera going, though didn't pick up anything visual, though we did get some audio. What ever the creature was, it was angry. Then when the coyotes started howling, that is when we left.

G12P crew members Brooke, Amber, and Briana standing on the Thomas Malone Covered Bridge. 

Seeming to glow in the dark, this old bridge at BCSP is one of the few older bridges left in the county.  There was a covered bridge here before this one. 

Lock #36 as it looks at night. 
We visited there again last night, but all was quiet. We are very interested in Bigfoot in the area and hope to find evidence of his existence. For certain this is not Bigfoot but it sure made for an exciting evening.  Do I believe this area is haunted?   For sure I do.  We will be doing more work in this area to see what we find. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tragedy At The Newell Park Zoo In 1909

The Newell Park Zoo in Newell, Hancock County, operated from 1906 until 1912.  Post cards from the era show a seal pen, a monkey cage, a coon pit, and a bear cave.  There were also burros, deer, and geese.
May 23, 1909, was to be the biggest day in the short history of the Newell Park Zoo.  Purchasing two polar bears, one male and one female, the plan was to introduce them to each other in public.  Assuming it would be love at first site, and ignoring warnings from zoologists against it, the doors were opened that allowed them to be together.  To the horror of the thousands of people in attendance, the bears then fought until one was dead.  It was a bloody, horrible disaster!  A taxidermist hired quickly to preserve the remains of the dead bear discovered the female was actually a male.  They had put two males together. 
By 1914, the Newell Park Zoo went out of business. 

The bears den as it looks today.

This is the flower ring as it looks today.

The zoo as it looked in its prime!

Kim and Will inside the bear den.

The Monkey cage.

The site of the monkey cage today.
 Remnants of this park are still visible today, including the bear cave.  For the complete story about May 23, 1909, see our group web site!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Web Site With Bigfoot In Mind For G12P!

 This year we are launching our Bigfoot section of G12P.  Amber Rodgers is our Crew Leader and she has several plans for an interesting year.  This would include a camp out at Gretchen's Lock and some walking tours.  She started a facebook page:!/home.php?sk=group_109848835747303
And she started a blog called G12P BIGFOOT HUNT .    She is packing it with information about Bigfoot and other creatures of a Cryptozoology  nature.  The first Bigfoot walk looks to be in mid May.  Let you know more about it as the time gets closer.
Please check out Amber's blog and facebook page!

Monday, February 14, 2011

February Meeting

 Our Feb meeting went great and included an investigation of Crew Member Briana's home!  In attendance was:
Briana-Jon-Brooke-Alex-Will-Mike-Jen-Sena-Karyn-and our newest crew member-Jackson Wilson! 
Jackson comes to us from West Virginia and has extensive experience at doing family history.  He has already helped to get several stories for us to work on!  He will also be playing the role of the Captain this year in our Columbiana County Legends Tour!  Welcome aboard Jackson!

 Jen is our Crew Leader for a new area for us: Occult Research.  She will be assisted by Alex, Sena, and Karyn! 
Karyn is back after some time off for personal reasons!  So glad to have you back Karyn!
 We had a lot of fun as Briana showed us around her house!  She lives in a century home in East Liverpool!  Thank you Briana for giving us the chance to investigate your home! 
Any investigating you do is good experience, even when you don't get anything.  The experience at doing EVP Sessions, using your cameras, and the other equipment like K2's and ghost boxes are always a good thing! 
Our tour season starts in March and we are greatly looking forward to getting back out there!  We will be going Rogers Sales several times this year and setting up to show our pictures and other ghost hunting data!  That will start the first week of March!  Please come out and see us!