Wednesday, March 30, 2011

G12P's Columbiana County Legends Tour for 2011

Esther Hale

General John Hunt Morgan
Our Columbiana County Legends Tour kicks off this year, bigger and better than ever.  Our first event is May 7 at Beaver Creek State Park. The Jackson of the Valley Civil War Reenactment  is scheduled to be there May 7 and 8.  We will be giving a Legends Ghost Walk at 9:30 pm Saturday night on May 7.  They have asked to be scared so expect a few surprises on this one!
You will see most of the characters pictured here for this event.  There will be 10 Legends all together, including two new ones:
Dr. David Silver, the Warlock of Wellsville, and Erastus Eels, the first undertaker of Columbiana County who hails from Lisbon!

Jake The Night Watchman

Christina Sloan, the Hanoverton Witch

We will be in two parades so far.  The Grand Parade in Salem on August 13 and the Johnny Appleseed Parade on Sept 17.
We are also doing a tour of Gretchen's Lock Legends June 23 which will feature all the ghosts of Gretchen's Lock and where you can find them.  It will start at 7pm/.

Sadie Barcus, the Witch of Salineville
 We are working hard to bring you the history of Columbiana County in a fun way.  WE are looking for donations of Costumes. We need suspenders, vests, boots, and period dresses for our ladies.  If you have any ideas or can help in any way, please email me with details!  We pay for this out of our own pockets.  We are having a fundraiser with Chester Candles soon!  Please buy one from us!  We make a $4 profit for each candle we sell!  all proceeds go toward costumes and other things we need for our continued discovery of Columbiana County's Legends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Small Thompson Park Mystery

ON our March 18 Moon Light Ghost Walk at Thompson Park, Dave found this puzzling scene.  The pink picture is taken with the Full Spectum camera.  It is a large rock, just above the Big Rock.  It has two round holes drilled into it and water is coming out of them.  Obviously  the holes are man made, and we are looking for information as to what it is.  What was it used for?  Why does water come out of this rock?  How did someone from 100 years or more ago know that water would come out of this rock?  If you have any information about it, please let us know!  Theories are also appreciated!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ruins Steeped In Rumors Of Unsolved Multiple Murders?

 My crew member, Jackson, recently brought to my attention an old house that is in ruins near Chester, WVA. You honestly wouldn't notice it as you drove by.  You would never know that as many as 5 people may have been murdered with in its walls. 
 The stories are murkey.  There may have been two people in this home that was murdered.  There may have been as many as 5.  Everyone was stabbed to death in one story.  Chopped to peices in another.  In one story it was winter.  In another, it was summer and by the time anyone was found, well, that tale is gruesome.  The murderer was never found. 

 One story talks of a man who was arrested for killing a pregnant woman in Chester and he was also a suspect in the murders involving this old house.  He was sent to Moundsville Prison.  Later in a riot at the prison, this man was viciously killed, his heart being found behind a freezer in the prison kitchen. 
Do you know any stories about this old house?  Is there any truth to these stories?    The story involving two men being stabbed to death in the home happened in the 70's.  The pregnant woman story, the 80's.  When I was with CCFHV, I researched a lot of the area for the 70's and 80's and never ran across any story like this.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

We Finally Got A Picture Of Thompson Park's Blue Lady!

Jackson, our crew Geneologist, took this picture, up by the front gate at Thompson Park, on Friday night.  We believe this might be the Blue Lady of Thompson Park!  I am not sure why she would make an appearence after all these years of us being there (okay, only three years, but that is still a long time!)  but I think we might have something here.  And what I love best is it is even Blue!  She is the second apparation we have caught there.  We were able to get a picture of the Captain in June of 2009.  Perhaps she missed our adventures there because we have not been there as Ghosting 12 since SEptember.  We were there helping Jaycees with the Hanted Park in October, for the whole month, but not ghost hunting. 

This is the picture we took in 2009 of the Captain.  Taken by Jon!

Awesome Picture Jackson!  Keep up the good work!

We went for a Drive....

While driving around Lisbon, Rogers, Elkton and other south eastern areas of Columbiana County on Saturday, we found some beautiful bridges and other sites of interest. 

The Y Camp Road Bridge was our first stop.  My husband is a garbage guy.  He found it when he started his route out there. I thought it was awesome!  It was built in 1950.  A beautiful bridge in a beautiful setting!  Then we found the giant Robin Hood, which Briana fell in love with!  Me too.  It is on a farm, but I do not know much about it at this time.  We continued to Elkton, where we visited Lock 24 and then the  relocated old Church Hill Road Covered Bridge.  It is the shortest covered bridge still in existence in Ohio.
And finally we stopped and checked out this train trestle, which I found last year at this time when my son bought a van from Mill Rock Auto Salvage.  The bridge is beautiful.  The train tracks are still used, out of Negley, though very little.  I could not resist crawling all over it.  I know little about it at this this time, but I am looking.
We had a great time (Briana, Mike, and I).  I hope to do more of this as the weather gets better.  If you know of any interesting places in our County or the surrounding area to explore, please let me know!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Interesting Sights In Rogers, Ohio

  Honestly, my jaw hit the ground when we found this house.  I hope to get some better pictures of it and some history .  Architecturally, it is gorgeous.   It sits on top of a hill in Rogers and seems to have had a gate or perhaps a fence that went around it.  It was one of several surprises we found in Rogers on this day.
I am sure you recognize the old General Store and Hotel that sits along Rt 7.  Who ever owns it is working to fix it up. I did a story on this building before.  They have since added the porch in the front.  It looks like something right out of the old west and is one of my most favorite historic buildings remaining in Columbiana County.
And then we found this bridge.  I know next to nothing about it.  I sent pictures of it to a man named Nathan Holth, who is interested in Historic Bridges. He said this bridge is even more rare than the one at Bowman's Cemetery.  :)  Nice!    I hope he can save it.  We are going back Thursday morning top get some better pictures of it.  Again, right there in Rogers!  I look forward to seeing what else is hiding in little Rogers.  I see a great Haunted and Historic Tour forming here!  Let the discovery begin!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


About two weeks ago I went on a midnight run with Amber, Brooke, and Briana.  WE went to the Pioneer Village at Beaver Creek State Park.  There is a lot of interesting  history to look at there and a little
ghostly activity too.  I often ask any spirits in the area to please get into pictures with us.  I will ask them to get in specific spots, like sit on our hand or on top of our head.  We actually got that in one picture of Amber on the bridge.  The picture of my three comrades in front of Gaston's Mill above is one of my favorites from that night.  Each girl has an orb above them. This one will be going on my wall.  Does that mean they each have a ghost above them?  No.  But it does make a cool picture.  The black smith shop also turned out really nice.  One lone orb hovers above it.  Not necessarily a ghost, but definitely a cool pic. 
Still going over the recordings from that night.  I like to let them "cook" a couple weeks before I listen to them a second time.  A phenomenon called Developing Playback is something I happen to agree with.  When you listen to it the first time, you don't hear anything, but then a few weeks later, you listen and something is there.    If you have any cool pics you  have taken from the area, send them to me and I will be happy to put them on here, listing you at the photographer!  Please state where you were at the time.
I look forward to seeing what you send in!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Kimberly Mitchell-Founder of G12P

I am Kimberly.  I have been ghost hunting since 2003 when my brother found the grave of George F. Thompson in the woods while deer hunting.  I started researching the area in an attempt to find out why someone would be buried there.  That lead to ghosts and ultimately my first haunted house in Alliance in 2005.  From there I would ghost hunt every weekend and several nights during the week.  I do that to this day.  I have taken over 10,000 pictures, and listened to over 2000 EVP recordings.  I have 11 digital recorders, 4 of which I have retired because they are full of EVP's.  I have investigated over 100 homes or buildings.  My favorite thing to do is research into the real history of an area.  I love finding legends about my home county and bringing them to life in the Columbiana County Legends Tour G12P has.  I have a strong crew of 15 plus people who are dedicated and reliable.  I love discovering new areas to investigate and new Legends to tell you about.   
I enjoy giving lectures. I have lectured at the Salem Public Library, the Salem Historical Society, for the Retired Teachers Association, The Austintown Lions Club, Youngstown State University, and Ohio Valley College Of Technology. I love designing tours, like the Salem Ghost Trolley Tours, and the Jackson In The Valley Ghost Walk. You always see a camera in one hand and a recorder in the other when I am out in the field.  I truly believe "Something is out there!"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jon McElhaney-Lead Investigator

Jonathan is a lead investigator for Ghosting 12 Paranormal. He helped to create Ghosting 12 Paranormal and put us on the map. He has investigated over 50 houses or buildings, and is excellent with EVP, Pictures, and Video. He also has a way with people that makes our tours much more successful
He started ghost hunting in 2004, when he found himself living in a haunted house in Alliance, Ohio. The house was built in 1889 and he discovered that an old woman had died in it in the 1920's from the landlord. He would hear footsteps going up the steps of his house and what sounded like a cane hitting the floor.
He also helped to investigate the first house I ever investigated, also in Alliance. As we started to sit on the floor of the kitchen in this home, the cabinet door opened by itself and Jon calmly proceeded to close it. This happened 8 times and it never ruffled his feathers.
He is also on our Security team for the crew..
     He lets us know if a house or an area is safe to enter by going over it and checking it out first.
He knows ghost hunting inside and out  and loves to debunk things!  You will see
him out there this summer with G12P on tours, in Parades (He is portraying Eurastas Eels, the first undertaker of Columbiana County) and on all our investigations. 

Our Columbiana County Legends Tour Will Begin In May!

Just a reminder of the Legends Characters we have.  There are 22 on our list and include The Witch of Hanoverton, Christina Sloan (Our Amber in that role pictured above), Esther Hale, Gretchen Gill, Sadie Barcus(of Salineville), Dr. David Silver-(the warlock of Wellsville),  The Captain and the Lady (of Grimms Bridge), The Blue Lady (of Thompson Park) The Bowman Cemetery Witch, Billy Amos(of Spring Grove Cemetery) Willis Payne(of East Liverpool)- and many others.  Please look for us out there!  We will be at Beaver Creek State Park on May 7 at 9:30 in the evening.  We plan on being in Parades with this tour, and you will see us at events like The Pottery Festival in East Liverpool.  Columbiana County has some great history!  Please come out and meet some of its characters!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Look for us at Beaver Creek State Park on May 7!  Our Legends Tour starts at 9:30 pm!  Please come out and meet some of Columbiana County's  Ghostly Legends!  Also, take the opportunity to tour the camps of the Civil War Reenactment Participants!  More about this coming soon!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Historical Research of Columbiana County Continues This Spring.....IN WELLSVILLE

 Our efforts continue to discover the lost history of the county this spring when you will see us out there (if you haven't already) searching the streets of Wellsville.  Already we have found several interesting buildings and areas around this historic city.
 These images are just some of the mysteries we hope to solve as we prepare our next haunted and historical tour.  We will be searching for Brimstone Corner.  Toe Path. 
The Whitacre House.  Stories of murder long forgotten.  Echoes of presidents past.
 Grand churches turned into Day Care centers.  Houses turned into apartments. 
High Schools of yesterday that are middle Schools today?  And sights of buildings long gone.
 Memories and ghosts of a pottery giant.
 Parts of a past long forgotten yet always remembered.  Cemeteries long removed, or at least what they could find.
And the places that brought so many smiles to our faces and memories to carry with us always.  Wellsville has all this and so much more.  Places and people we have yet to discover.  I can't wait to see what treasures we find.  I finished a book called "Before The Memories Fade" and I loved it.  It told stories and gave a picture of a life in Wellsville that few knew was here.  The Ohio River brought people here and the Railroad kept them here.  If you know any stories of the Wellsville area, please let us know!  We are also still looking for any tales of the Silver Family, who owned the Silver Bank in the late 1800's.  The mystery surrounding the Silver Crypt is as thick as ever and begs to be solved. Hope to see you out there on the streets of Wellsville!