Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jon McElhaney-Lead Investigator

Jonathan is a lead investigator for Ghosting 12 Paranormal. He helped to create Ghosting 12 Paranormal and put us on the map. He has investigated over 50 houses or buildings, and is excellent with EVP, Pictures, and Video. He also has a way with people that makes our tours much more successful
He started ghost hunting in 2004, when he found himself living in a haunted house in Alliance, Ohio. The house was built in 1889 and he discovered that an old woman had died in it in the 1920's from the landlord. He would hear footsteps going up the steps of his house and what sounded like a cane hitting the floor.
He also helped to investigate the first house I ever investigated, also in Alliance. As we started to sit on the floor of the kitchen in this home, the cabinet door opened by itself and Jon calmly proceeded to close it. This happened 8 times and it never ruffled his feathers.
He is also on our Security team for the crew..
     He lets us know if a house or an area is safe to enter by going over it and checking it out first.
He knows ghost hunting inside and out  and loves to debunk things!  You will see
him out there this summer with G12P on tours, in Parades (He is portraying Eurastas Eels, the first undertaker of Columbiana County) and on all our investigations. 

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