Monday, March 21, 2011

We went for a Drive....

While driving around Lisbon, Rogers, Elkton and other south eastern areas of Columbiana County on Saturday, we found some beautiful bridges and other sites of interest. 

The Y Camp Road Bridge was our first stop.  My husband is a garbage guy.  He found it when he started his route out there. I thought it was awesome!  It was built in 1950.  A beautiful bridge in a beautiful setting!  Then we found the giant Robin Hood, which Briana fell in love with!  Me too.  It is on a farm, but I do not know much about it at this time.  We continued to Elkton, where we visited Lock 24 and then the  relocated old Church Hill Road Covered Bridge.  It is the shortest covered bridge still in existence in Ohio.
And finally we stopped and checked out this train trestle, which I found last year at this time when my son bought a van from Mill Rock Auto Salvage.  The bridge is beautiful.  The train tracks are still used, out of Negley, though very little.  I could not resist crawling all over it.  I know little about it at this this time, but I am looking.
We had a great time (Briana, Mike, and I).  I hope to do more of this as the weather gets better.  If you know of any interesting places in our County or the surrounding area to explore, please let me know!

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