Friday, April 15, 2011

G12P's April 9 Hill View Manor Trip! An Awesome Adventure!

This is the break room where we stored all our geer and where
some people would rest for the evening. 

My Tech crew for the evening was Will, Jon, and Amber.  They did
an awesome job!

Amber is sitting on the same stool that Zack sat on from Ghost Adventures!

Here we are standing in the embalming room.  Mary, our new sensative,
 was sometimes overwhelmed by all the
activiity inside Hill View!

Alex and Karena stand in little Jeffrey's room
looking at the toys that have been'
left by other visitors to Hill View.

Penny uses a livewire, one of our favorite
ghost hunting tools to look for

This room just gave me the creeps.  The paint was peeling EVERYWHERE!

Mary Virginia's room is a favorite for visitors.  They leave here sparkly jewelry!

This X was left by the Ghost Adventures gang!

Hill View Manor as we were first entering the building!

ON of the many long hallways to be explored
at Hill View Manor.  10 hours just wasn't enough
time in this awesome place!

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