Thursday, April 28, 2011

Locks 27, 28, and 29

Lock 29
Lock 27
Lusk's Lock

On Easter Sunday, my husband Mike, my brother Shane, and I went mushroom hunting. I love finding wild mushrooms in the early spring.  We went searching around Lusk's Lock.  It is such a beautiful area.  This one is in awesome shape.  We walked down the stairs on the right.  I am not sure why is is called Lusks Lock, but I know it has two stories connected to it.  One has an unknown worker being killed when it was being constructed.  He is now said to haunt the locks.  A true historical  character named Simon Girty was also said to have loved this area in the late 1800's and was often found here.  Simon Girty had been adopted by Indians when he was 14 and lived with them until he was 21.  He loved the Native American way of life and supported their right to the land.  He would not fight for the Americans, but chose the British instead, believing them to have better intentions toward the red man.  He even watched a Col. Crawford was brutally burned to death by  some tribes in Northern Central Ohio.  Col. Crawford was slowly roasted to death over the course of about 5 hours.  He begged Simon to kill him but Simon felt he deserved his fate, Col. Crawford being responsible for the massacre of over 400 tribesmen. 
I know nothing about locks 28 and 29.  The walk to get to them was somewhat long, but the scenery was well worth it.  All along the way was evidence of human occupation like stairs in the hillside and walls along the creek. 

Lock 28
I was surprised to find water in two of them.  They are slowly falling in , but the moss makes them so beautiful.  Well worth a moment of your time.

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