Friday, April 15, 2011

Remains of a Time Long Gone

 Across from the Lock 57 park is an old Coal Tipple.  It has been there for years.  I hear  a couple people drowned trying to dive from it.  Walking out on it was a little unnerving.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the remnants of this message on the side.  It says:
No Trespassing
Private Property of
The P,L, & W Railroad Line

Pittsburgh, Lisbon, and Western Railroad actually. 

Looking around we found the remains of the rails from the tracks.  The train could just stop right there at the tipple and unload. The coal would be put down this chute.....
 Something I would not want to slide down myself, ever.  The coal would be loaded onto barges or maybe even canal boats. 
There is a really nice trail to walk back , which I believe used to be where the train tracks ran, at least one set of them.  We walked over a mile when we came across this awesome site!  It isn't a canal.  I realized I was staring at the remnants of the first bridge ever built in Columbiana County.  You can find pics of it on the Sandy and Beaver canal picture site by Jerry King.  I felt like a kid at Christmas!  It is one of those things I expected to have to take a canoe down the creek  to see.  This just totally made my day perfect!

The scenery in this area was just beautiful.  I am greatly looking forward to exploring the other side of the creek very soon.  The rock out-croppings are amazing and I can't wait to crawl all over them.

Very close to the old bridge abutment is another canal.  I am not sure yet which one, but I can't wait to get a closer look at this one either.  Perhaps it is number 56 or 55.  Not sure.  But excited to find it down there!

We also ran across this old cut stone wall along the Railroad tracks.  I am not sure what it was used for however.....
Lock 57 is a great park to visit.  It has swings, a boat dock(not in the water yet, but great to hunt ghosts on!) and a nice picnic area!  The remains of Lock 57 are actually still there, but when the dams
were built, the water levels rose in the river and the creeks.  The lock is simply submerged in the water at the mouth of the creek.  G12P will be doing several other investigations in this area along with looking for the remains of Mile Run, a small oiling town a view miles up the creek.  It was in walking distance from Hells Half Acre and there used to be a well traveled path between the two.  It was a path that was even the site of a murder in the 1920's.  Brother against brother, over a woman.  But that is also another story.

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