Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations and Historical Research will be at the New Middleton Township Community Festival on June 11 from 10am to 5pm.  We will have stories, ghost hunting equipment and offer characters from Columbiana County History.  Please come out and enjoy the festival and stop by to meet us!!!
Here is a link to read more about this festival!
More information will be coming soon about this event!

Friday, May 27, 2011

May 25 Thompson Park Ghost Hunt

Here are our hunters for the evening and they did great!   We only got to travel through half of the park because a storm was coming,  but we had some  good results.

An orb in the hand!  Awesome!!!!
We stopped at the Time Capsule, where we tried to talk to the Captain.  We did an EVP session and a Ghost Box Session.  We did not get much here though. 
The hot spot for the evening was the Amphitheater.  We got an excellent answer in a ghost box session.  A young lady named Hallie came and she was wearing an orange baseball cap.  When Amber asked what color her had was, "ORANGE" came out of the box!  It was great.  Then we had our photo Renee and Mason(?).  Awesome work guys!! 

 We then traveled to Pav. #1, but did not get much there.  About that time the wind announcing the storm hit and we called it a night.
 Our next Thompson Park Tour will be in September.  Our summer is packed and we had to make some  choices.  We are involved in several private events and group  adventures (like our Gretchen's Camp out on June 17 and 18).

Thank you to all who came on Wednesday night!  Look for us this summer!  Check our Events Calender for more info!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Will Be Camping At Gretchen's on June 17 and 18!

We will be camping on June 17 and 18 at Gretchen's Lock in Group Area number 1.  There are about 20 of us that will be down there to look for ghosts, do some fishing, look for ghosts, scout around for
Bigfoot, look for ghosts, stay up all night, cooking hot dogs out on the grill, sleeping (when we do) in tents, look for ghosts some more, and in general have an awesome time.   We are getting a generator so we can use our camera system at the Grist Mill and we are excited! 
Our next event is June 9 at Spring Grove Cemetery for our second fundraiser ghost tour.  This one has a theme, to be revealed next week.
Don't forget we will be at Salineville for the Salt Festival on July 8 and 9!  We are working on a haunted and historical tour of the city and you can once again meet our Legends Characters!
I am waiting for the schedule for the Hanoverton Tours, which start soon.  This tour is one not to miss!  There is a lot to see and do on the tour and worth the $6 price per person.
That  is it for an update for now.  If we have anything new, I will let you know. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jethro~Where Did It Go?

 I have looked at several maps of this area from the past.  There are many little towns that dot them in the 1800's that no longer exist.  Sprucevale, Jamestown, Martinsburg, and this little town, Jethro.  Well,what is left of it.  I think there are three houses in this picture. 
 There is this beautiful stone arch bridge down there.  It is a train bridge and is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Then there is this really creepy tunnel in the same area.  I do not know how long it has been there,but I am looking forward to exploring it this summer.  Yes, we have designs on venturing into it.  Maybe.
We are looking for information about this area.  If you know any stories or facts confirming this is Jethro, please let me know!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foggy Nights and Different Cameras

This is a picture I took with my Samsung L100 Digital Camera last night at Gretchen's Lock.  It was very foggy.  The orbs in this picture are evidence of that.  In some instances the fog was so thick we couldn't see anything but orbs.
We decided to use some of our other cameras to see how they would do.  The Full Spectrum camera did a little better.  The orbs were less and in some cases none at all.

In other instances very obvious.  Our Full Spectrum camera is a Cybersnap 901.  (Bought for us by crew member Dave McElroy!  Thanks Dave!)
 Our crew last night consisted of Amber, Briana, Will, Mike, Jackson, Sena, Louis, Sammi, Brooke, and me. 

The Full Spectrum has a flash which we used last night.  It also has some other lighting brackets that you hook the camera up to, but we didn't use those.  That is for our next adventure.

We also used a simple Nightvision Camera we got at Toys R Us last year.  It took some of the best pictures, using the fog in some cases to bring out the subjects in the picture.  The detail is not the best, but no orbs at all.  I have only two pictures from this camera with orbs of any kind in them.  This little camera that we paid about $90 for has more than paid for itself.  We take it everywhere.  We will be going on many midnight adventures this summer.  If you are interested in tagging along, let me know!  WE usually post it on facebook, and they are often last minute. 

Smith Auto Parts Store~Then and Now

 Smith Auto Parts Store, formerly Potters National Bank (around 1889).  It made this corner look so much bigger.  It was part of East Liverpool's History.  In January they tore it down and it is gone forever. :(
This is that same corner today.  Gone is the building that was once a bank that printed some of Americas money.  The view isn't bad though.  It just looks so empty.  The parking lot to replace it is down the hill further.  This top part is now a grassy knoll.
Pottery Festival will be weird this year without it there.   But then, Ghosting 12 Paranormal will not be at the festival this year.  Long, complicated story. We do have other plans we will be talking about soon though. 
Good bye Smith Auto Parts Store.  I will miss you.  

Monday, May 16, 2011

Some New Faces On Our Legends Characters

This year, Thompson Park's Blue Lady will be played by Sena.  She spent a few days working on the costume, even getting the parasol and gloves.  Our Blue Lady is awesome!
The Captain and the Lady will be played by Makayla and Jackson.  Makayla's mom got her costume from places like her family and Good Will.  It turned out perfect!

Will is our Jake the night watchman.   Amber is playing Christina Sloan, the witch of Hanoverton!

This year Goldie Bell Taylor will be played by a young lady name Emily (Jackson's little sister!)  We are working on a costume for this well known ghost from our past.  And thanks to Mike Lawson, AKA General Stonewall Jackson!

Dr. David Silver is played by Alex.  His mom, Jen, actually made the top hats.  Awesome job!! 

We were joined by O.A.R.A (Ohio Afterlife Research Associaton).  Members who joined us were Melvina, Melissa, and Josh!  Thank you again guys for all your help!Our Bowman Cemetery Witch is played by Jennifer this year. She made her costume also, even the hat. 

Erastus Eels was played by Brett.  He will be helping us out over the summer.  Thank you Brett!!
All  in all, our characters are turning out very nice.  We are excited that our introduction of our 1800 characters was so well received!  We have several other characters that include Julia Walls (played by Teresa), Willis Payne (Played by Alan), Pretty Boy Floyd (played by Mike), the Carnival  Girl (played by Mary Hagerty), Billy Amos (played by Gale, who will also play Little David from Sprucevale.), and several others yet to come.  Please be on the look our for us out there.  We are accepting donations to help with costumes for our characters.  Much of what we do is free to the public so any donations are appreciated.  In fact we need $175 to get our Bigfoot costume, and we are working on fundraisers for that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Friday the 13th Spring Grove Cemetery Tour

We had a super nice crowd for our
tour of Spring Grove Friday night!
 Despite the very stormy day, we held out until the end and was able to have our first Haunted and Historical Tour of Spring Grove Cemetery.  We had over 50 people come and it was awesome!

Will, Alex, and Gale get ready for our tour adventure.
Gale will be joining us this summer
as Little David on our Legends Tour.
  Members of our crew that participated included Becky, Jen, Alex, Will, Briana, Jon, Amber, Sena, Jackson, Mike, and Kimberly.
Amber using her vocal skills to get every one's attention.
She is awesome like that.
 We told 33 stories and presented 16 different posters with pictures to help tell some of the tales.
Jackson played our Undertaker for the evening.
Becky is telling one of the sad tales layed to rest
at Spring Grove.

Briana tells the story of Johnny Ashbaugh.

Jen is talking about Orcie Golden, a stonemason who built the
grave marker she is standing beside.  She is joined by
Jackson and Gale.
Jon tells the story of Mayor Bill Devon. 

By the end of the evening, donations totaled $130. Our next tour for Spring Grove is June 9 at 7pm.  This one will have a theme.  Ghastly Crimes of the Past.
Sena in the spot light. 


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Awesome Civil War Reenactment Weekend.

The battle waged across the pond at Beaver Creek State Park
 I had never seen a Civil War Reenactment before this past weekend.  It was awesome!  They had tactical maneuvers, soldiers who were killed in battle, a medical tent set up to tend the wounded, a Union encampment, a Confederate encampment, a sarsaparilla bar, and an area for settlers peddling their wares.  Oh, and they had us there too!

This is one of the three cannons they had for the battles at the park.

The cannon was so loud!  Even when we watched them load it, prep it, and light the fuse, I still jumped when it fired!  Loved it!

WE got to see how they dressed, what they cooked on, their guns, and so much more.  For a little while we went back in time and experienced an amazing era in the history of this great country.
The Confederate Camp

My ghosts that haunted the park for the ghost walk.

The candle light amputations (there were two)
included a leg and pictured above an arm!

A confederate soldier and his gun. 

Kimberly and General John Hunt Morgan!
I am as happy as I look!  He was truly charming.

And I got to meet General John Hunt Morgan!  That was just awesome!!!
We had over 200 people attend the ghost walk and candle
light amputation.  It was awesome!

Dr. David Silver, Sadie Barcus, Lucy Cobb, and Jake the Night Watchman
were among the ghosts who haunted the park this weekend.

WE were joined by members of a ghost hunting crew called O.A.R.A (Ohio Afterlife Research Association).  They came to our rescue when we needed extra help and we are truly grateful!  They traveled all the way from Alliance!  Thank you Melvina, Melissa, and Josh!  We look forward to working with you again!
Another battle scene, complete with a fallen Union soldier.

WE had a great time this weekend and hope to do many more things like this!  Our next event is May 13 at Spring Grove Cemetery for a fundraiser tour.  ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SPRING GROVE CEMETERY!!!