Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foggy Nights and Different Cameras

This is a picture I took with my Samsung L100 Digital Camera last night at Gretchen's Lock.  It was very foggy.  The orbs in this picture are evidence of that.  In some instances the fog was so thick we couldn't see anything but orbs.
We decided to use some of our other cameras to see how they would do.  The Full Spectrum camera did a little better.  The orbs were less and in some cases none at all.

In other instances very obvious.  Our Full Spectrum camera is a Cybersnap 901.  (Bought for us by crew member Dave McElroy!  Thanks Dave!)
 Our crew last night consisted of Amber, Briana, Will, Mike, Jackson, Sena, Louis, Sammi, Brooke, and me. 

The Full Spectrum has a flash which we used last night.  It also has some other lighting brackets that you hook the camera up to, but we didn't use those.  That is for our next adventure.

We also used a simple Nightvision Camera we got at Toys R Us last year.  It took some of the best pictures, using the fog in some cases to bring out the subjects in the picture.  The detail is not the best, but no orbs at all.  I have only two pictures from this camera with orbs of any kind in them.  This little camera that we paid about $90 for has more than paid for itself.  We take it everywhere.  We will be going on many midnight adventures this summer.  If you are interested in tagging along, let me know!  WE usually post it on facebook, and they are often last minute. 

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