Friday, May 27, 2011

May 25 Thompson Park Ghost Hunt

Here are our hunters for the evening and they did great!   We only got to travel through half of the park because a storm was coming,  but we had some  good results.

An orb in the hand!  Awesome!!!!
We stopped at the Time Capsule, where we tried to talk to the Captain.  We did an EVP session and a Ghost Box Session.  We did not get much here though. 
The hot spot for the evening was the Amphitheater.  We got an excellent answer in a ghost box session.  A young lady named Hallie came and she was wearing an orange baseball cap.  When Amber asked what color her had was, "ORANGE" came out of the box!  It was great.  Then we had our photo Renee and Mason(?).  Awesome work guys!! 

 We then traveled to Pav. #1, but did not get much there.  About that time the wind announcing the storm hit and we called it a night.
 Our next Thompson Park Tour will be in September.  Our summer is packed and we had to make some  choices.  We are involved in several private events and group  adventures (like our Gretchen's Camp out on June 17 and 18).

Thank you to all who came on Wednesday night!  Look for us this summer!  Check our Events Calender for more info!

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