Thursday, May 19, 2011

Smith Auto Parts Store~Then and Now

 Smith Auto Parts Store, formerly Potters National Bank (around 1889).  It made this corner look so much bigger.  It was part of East Liverpool's History.  In January they tore it down and it is gone forever. :(
This is that same corner today.  Gone is the building that was once a bank that printed some of Americas money.  The view isn't bad though.  It just looks so empty.  The parking lot to replace it is down the hill further.  This top part is now a grassy knoll.
Pottery Festival will be weird this year without it there.   But then, Ghosting 12 Paranormal will not be at the festival this year.  Long, complicated story. We do have other plans we will be talking about soon though. 
Good bye Smith Auto Parts Store.  I will miss you.  

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