Thursday, June 30, 2011


 G12P has been going strong since 2008.  We have given free tours, held fundraisers, investigated homes, businesses,  and explored at least half of Columbiana County. 
We have even been to other states like Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, and Indiana, always as a crew, working together.
   Getting the schedule of 22 people to match takes a lot of work and dedication of our members.  It is not easy.  People have to work.  They have families and lives .   
But they always seem to come through.   We have so many members so that we can always come up with a crew when necessary.  We also do so many public things that we need people for crowd control, impersonating characters, mannng booths, etc. 
In most cases everyone manages to make time for our always busy schedule.  Getting the investigations we get takes a lot of work.  You have to talk to people and let them know you exist.  We also have crew shirts and hoodies that we wear when we attend an event as a group.  On July 2 we are attending the Hanoverton Ghost Walk and we will be wearing our shirts for that.

We also dress up as the characters of our county that we have discovered in our research.   
Esther Hale, Gretchen Gill, Pretty Boy Floyd,
The Lost Girl, Lucy Cobb, Jake the Night Watchman, and many others.
Last year we helped the East Liverpool Jaycees put on their Haunted Park at Thompson Park.  It was a great experience for us.  AND A LOT OF WORK AND DEDICATION. We helped to get them into the park.   We helped to build the sets for the scenes.  We helped to put it all together.  We helped to man the park to scare people.  And finally we helped to tear it down and put it away.  That took hours and hours  of our time.   We basically lived out at the park from September through October.  That takes dedication.  The people on my crew have that and more than proved it with this project!

From all of this we get the occasional house investigation and that makes it well worth our time.  One of our guidelines is that if you find the investigation you are on the crew for it.  We ended up with 8 investigations for all our work at the park.
Perhaps one of our best adventures are the Midnight Runs.  We just take off from time to time  and investigate an area at night.  Sometimes it is at 10pm and sometimes it is at 1am.  We never know when it will be, but  crew members are always more than ready to take off for an adventure.  Not everyone goes every time.   You go when you can. 
The point is we all work together to make our crew what it is.  Yes, we argue with each other.  Every crew will do that.  But we work it out.  The disagreements we have make us stronger.  And  here we are, stronger than ever.  Our Columbiana County Legends Tour is great  this year and packed with local history.  Everyone has a great time.    Now if you have read clear down to here, you will learn that we are looking for new crew members.  It is very hard to find people who are this dedicated.  Are you interested in working with the public?  Learning about the history of Columbiana County and the Trip State Area?  Doing a little acting?   Doing community service and fundraisers for local charities?  Ghost hunting in old houses, businesses and public areas?  Running around in the middle of the night having one adventure after another?  Then Ghosting 12 Paranormal Investigations is looking for you!!!  If you are interested in becoming a crew member, please email me for an interview!
We have three spots open right now.  That will give us 25 members.  Email me with a little info about you and   what you hope to get out of being a ghost hunter on our crew!  I will schedule an appointment with you for a meet and greet and we will go from there!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Widow Of Boatman Cemetery

 We went exploring in East Palestine on Sunday.  I was looking for information about the Widow of Boatman Cemetery.  I was emailed about a year ago with a story about a black mass seen floating among the stones of Boatman Cemetery.  This little cemetery is known for it dedication to veterans.  Many believe the black mass is a widow, searching the graves for her husband, who was killed in one of the wars that our great country has been involved in. 
Michail, Jonathan and I went with the hopes of possibly finding the names that might be involved with a story like this.  While the police station did tell us they had heard the story, they were not aware of any names involved. 

The Cemetery itself is well worth your time to visit.  Again, it is one of those old grave yards that you just get lost in reading the stones.  There are two sets of twins buried here, not to mention scores of other children buried there. 

Jon spent over an hour there, taking a pictures of every single stone that dots the park.  He was very thorough.  I would expect nothing less from one of my lead investigators.  He is awesome!
 We were using two full spectrum cameras and a night vision camera to get some of these shots. 

There are three men buried in Boatman who fought in the Revolutionary war.  It is well maintained.  and completely fenced in.  It protects the stones however, so I don not blame.
 I will bet I read this over and over again. 
 There are many stones that are going to be a great read.  We were there over an hour and still didn't cover it all.

There are many stones I favorited that stand quietly alone there.  Many more were an excellent read. \

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wealand Farm Cemetery

Tucked away in the woods outside of North Lima you will find this little cemetery.  Wealand Farm Cemetery
is also spelled Weiland Farm Cemetery.  Here is a web site that lists all the known people buried there.  Many of them are children.  There are also several stones written in German.

The Ohio Turnpike is just to the left.  Stepping into the woods is like going back in time once more.  The little patch of woods the cemetery is located in seems so much bigger once you enter it.  The graves are on top of a small hill.  As you can see with my husband Mike in the picture above, it need care desperately.  I will say it is watched over well however.  While we were visiting a policeman came back to see what we were doing.  He love the place and had done several rubbings on the stones several years before. 

I search Find A Grave, but they had little information about it.  According to them, there is only one grave here, but as you can see there are several.  OHIO GENEALOGY EXPRESS had a much better accounting of who is at rest here.  Twins that died with in days of their birth.  A veteran of the War of 1812 that was a Captain.  They even went to the trouble of getting the stones that were written in German translated.  Awesome job OHIO GENEALOGY EXPRESS!!!!

Here is me, standing among my favorite stones in Weiland Cemetery.  I love discovery trips.  Visiting places I have never been is one of my most favorite things to do.  If you like old cemeteries, this one is perfect to visit. 
I found this house a few days ago while looking for the graves of the supposed Three Witches of Lipply Road outside of Columbiana.  I was hoping to find out who owns the property so I could ask for permission to photograph the grave stones and send them to a friend in England who might be able to tell me what is on them.  I wrote before about this, and I strongly feel that they are graves of people from other countries, possibly of German origins.  We didn't find the graves.
We did find this truly awesome house though!  It is beautiful!  It now ranks as one of my most favorite Century Homes in the area!  I am currently researching to to see if there is any cool stories attached to it.  I sure hope so.  If you know anything about it, please share!  I am totally intrigued by it!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cool Springs Cemetery-A Cool Cemetery Indeed!

 Mike found an awesome little cemetery on one of his routes.  It is called Cool Springs Cemetery.  You can find it on the corner of Woodville and Crestviewn near Leetonia, off of 558.  It is very small.  While still an active Cemetery, it does not seem that it was used for a long time and then people started using it again. 
It's unique feature is the monuments to departed loved ones.  They are not in any way huge.  Yet when you leave, you actually feel like you knew a little about those who are at rest there.  And you definitely feel the deep love for them that lingers around them.  

If walking through cemeteries is something you like to do, this one is worth a look.  While you wonder what happened to some of the people, here you leave not knowing their cause of death, but realizing they were truly greatly deeply loved in life. 

Our Camping Weekend Was AWESOME!!!

 Two days of camping fun was just what we needed this past weekend!  We had 13 tents and over 35 people who ended up coming.  Some plans were changed, but for the most part, everything went like the adventure we had hoped for. 
 Saturday night we had a fishing tournament and it was so much fun!  Briana won for the most fish caught (she bagged 7 bluegill).  Amber won for the smallest fish caught, at a little over 8 inches.  And I won for the biggest fish caught with a catfish that was 21 inches long.  All of our fish were caught and released.  It was great fun!
We found ourselves at Gretchen's Lock several times.  The lure there is great!  So is the walk to get to it and we did it at all hours of the night.  There is almost a mile between our camp site and the Lock.  We were busy!

We also had the extreme pleasure of hunting with OARA, a ghost hunting group from Alliance.  We have hunted with them several times and they are awesome!  They helped us with our May 7 event as well and we are honored to have them as our friends!

 Amber and Brooke were our water nymphs for the weekend(because they had rubber boots!) 
Saturday was the best day for us.  I found a bike in the creek and my sons, David and Jon fished it out for me.  It works great and I needed one!  Later in the day there was a massive search and rescue for a woman and three kids who were thought to be lost on a canoe trip.  It may also have been three women and one child, but we never did get that part straight.  They were all found safe and sound however, thankfully!  Then later, there was a group of rowdy kids at the Gris Mill who were beating on the wooden front door, trying to get in.  Half of us went racing over there to stop them.  While we did not see them actually do it, we did hear it plain as day and one even admitted to it.  That was a tense few moments.    One thing I will not tolerate is vandalizing that building.  It has been there about 200 years and certainly does not need anyone trying to destroy it or write all over it.

THEN, once that drama was over, we heard a Bigfoot!  It was coming from other direction of the park.  Amber said she was nearly crying as she ran toward it, thinking that everyone would believe her now.  WE believe her, of course, but non G12P members are another story.  After the fourth Bigfoot cry that we heard, Amber gave an answering call.  Then we heard two slams of car doors and the sound of someone peeling out from the lookout above.  Sadly, our Bigfoot turned out to be a human.  Bummer.  But for a few moments there......
Our camping adventure was just that.  A true adventure!  We are planning another one.  Possibly not until September, but when we decide , we will let you know! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crew Member David McElhaney

 David is new to the crew.  He comes from Canton and is my oldest son.  He has had an interest in the paranormal for about 6 years .  In 2005 he lived in a haunted house, perhaps one of the most haunted in Alliance, and has been hooked ever since.
Video is his area of interest as well as psychic phenomenon.  He plans on helping with tours also. 
He is working toward furthering his education in areas like Yoga, meditation, and spiritualism.  I am happy he has joined the crew and look forward to having him around a lot more!

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Hanoverton Summer Ghost Walk Tour Schedule Through August!


By History, Haunts and Legend Tours
Starting time: 8:15pm
Meet at Spread Eagle Tavern
Price: $6--10 and over-under 10 free

Fri. June 17th
Sat. June 25th
Sat. July 2nd
Fri. July 8th
Sat. July 16th
Sat. July 23rd
Sat. July 30th
Sat. Aug. 6th
Sat. Aug. 13th
Sat. Aug. 20th
Sat. Aug. 27th

Above is the schedule for the City of Hanoverton's Ghost Tours for the summer.  This is a DO-NOT-MISS tour for Columbiana County!  G12P went on it two years ago and we had an awesome time.  You hear about many cool stories, including the sad tale of Oliveena, who hanged herself from a third story window of the Spread Eagle Tavern.  You will hear about Christina Sloan, the Witch of Hanoverton!  Once the chains fall from around her grave, it is said she will rise and destroy the town of Hanoverton!  The Talisman on the chains have eyes on them and you can see them on the tour.  It is just awesome!
  G12P plans on going to the July 2 Tour.  Please make time for this truly fun adventure here in Columbiana County, OHIO!  Ohio is where the ghosts are!  G12P is out there looking for them!

G12P's Gretchen's Lock Camping Trip-June 17-19

 We will be camping at Gretchen's Lock this weekend from Friday at 3pm to Sunday at 1pm.
Friday night we are having a Bigfoot walk at 7pm back to Gretchen's Lock.  Then it is ghost hunting for the rest of the night (unless we find Bigfoot). 

We will be hiking back the trail beside the Grist Mill also.  That will be Saturday afternoon after 1pm.  I would give a time but we are NEVER on time. 
We plan on doing several psychic experiments,  splitting up into groups to tackle several sections of the park at once, exploring the bridge,
Gretchen's Actual Lock, and the Death Site of Pretty Boy Floyd.  We are also having our own private fishing tournament Saturday evening. 
Please feel free to come down and visit us!!