Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cool Springs Cemetery-A Cool Cemetery Indeed!

 Mike found an awesome little cemetery on one of his routes.  It is called Cool Springs Cemetery.  You can find it on the corner of Woodville and Crestviewn near Leetonia, off of 558.  It is very small.  While still an active Cemetery, it does not seem that it was used for a long time and then people started using it again. 
It's unique feature is the monuments to departed loved ones.  They are not in any way huge.  Yet when you leave, you actually feel like you knew a little about those who are at rest there.  And you definitely feel the deep love for them that lingers around them.  

If walking through cemeteries is something you like to do, this one is worth a look.  While you wonder what happened to some of the people, here you leave not knowing their cause of death, but realizing they were truly greatly deeply loved in life. 

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