Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our Set Up at Chester Flea Market-and Where Ever Else We Go

 Columbiana County has many Legends and Stories and Historical Facts that are unique to this area.   WE have many discovered and posters made of them that you can read about.  They will be set up at every event we have this summer.  We travel to the actual places the events occur to give you a first hand look.  We have videos of some of the characters out there also and hope to make one for every story we find eventually. 
This is a typical example of what our set ups will look like where ever we go this summer.  WE will have posters, equipment, books, and even some live characters from the past. 
Here we are set up at the Chester Flea Market, which sets up the first Sunday of each month in the former Chester High School building.    It is now the Chester Municipal Building.  The cost to set up there is $5 and on this day there were about 20 tables set up.  There were home made crafts, and lots of treasures to look through.  The $5 includes a table if you get there soon enough. 
WE are always looking for new legends to explore and research.  Please check our list of events on the side and see if there is anything that interests you that we are doing.  Come visit us and share your memories or information you might know about Columbiana County!  We have a 22 member crew(like Jackson pictured above) waiting to share the past with you!

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Marty Mercer said...

I did not know you guys did work in Chester. I have always had an interest in that park that was in town, but I never can remember the name. Was it Mountain Spring Park? Are you guys doing anything public in Chester soon? I would love to come.