Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be at Gretchen's Lock again this weekend, hoping we have as good of a time as we did in June!  Nothing special planned at this point

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August 12 Gretchen's Lock Tour

Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be at Gretchen's Lock on August 12 at 7pm to give a Free tour  of the area.  We will be meeting in the back parking lot to take you to some of the more haunted spots around the Gretchen's Lock area.  We will tell you the stories as we know them of Esther Hale the forgotten bride

and Gretchen Gill, the young girl who was entombed in the lock.  We will be going\ back to Lock 4(Gretchen's burial place)1 and under the Bridge that Esther Hale is supposed to appear on. 
We will also be going to the Grist Mill and to the mysterious Virgin Trail..   Come and join us if you dare!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 23 Bigfoot Adventure

 We decided to to a Bigfoot hunt  for a change at Gretchen's Lock July 23.  There were 6 of us.  Amber, our fearless Bigfoot Hunter leader, Jon, Mike, Briana, Will, and myself.  We took with us some Bigfoot Bait (all secret ingredients) cameras and recorders.  Oh and Bug spray.  It was oppressively hot and the bugs were vicious! 
We set out our Bigfoot bait in several places first.  You could smell that stuff a mile away. Afterward we walked around and just looked at the area around us.

There is plenty of room on that trail.   It also goes for Miles back into the woods.  We have done previous Bigfoot walks back into this wilderness.   No.  We have not encountered anything,  but if we keep practicing, when  we do (I am  optimistic) we will be ready!

Amber is very serous about this and keeps excellent field notes!   She wrote down where we went what we did and what time we did it.  I was impressed with her thoroughness.  Leaving our Bigfoot investigations with her was a good idea.  She is awesome!

We did find some bare foot prints.   Personally you would never catch me walking around in this mess in my bare feet, but someone sure did.  For practice we measured it, took pictures  and documented anything we could about it. I appreciated the experience.  If it was not so mucky wet, we would have made a cast of it too. 

In the end two of our bait bags disappeared.  Some unknown critters took off with them.  One was hanging in a tree about 6 feet up and something got it.  We had only  been gone an hour.  We also heard something walking through the woods several times.

One thing I kept thinking about.  As we peered into the darkness that surrounded us, I wondered what was peering back at us.  We will be going again

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nessly Chapel Cemetery Revisited

 The most well known rumor that surrounds Nessly Chapel Cemetery concerns witches.  Let me point out that I know nothing about covens or witch craft or anything like that.  I am therefore not going to write about something i know nothing about.  I have nothing against the practice of Witch Craft or Wiccan if that is the correct term.  I feel it is a religion like any other. However, I will be learning more about it so I do know more about what I am writing about.  It comes up too much in Ghost Hunting, even in passing.
  The first story I heard about Nessly Chapel claimed there was a witches alter (what ever that is) on the grounds and a coven of witches meet here to practice their craft.  This large mound of weeds was supposed to be the area for the Alter.  Hmmm.  Looks like a pile of briars and brush to me. 

There is this grave marker, a chest type tomb that kept any one from digging your body up to experiment on (a fear in the late 1800's as that was a common  practice with doctors.  It was illegal to do autopsies so they would dig up the recently dead in area cemeteries in the middle of the night and autopsy them) .   Is this a Witches Alter?  Nope. 
There are other, older stones like that one.  This area(to the left) is for one of the many Brown family  
tombs here.  I have a story later about the Brown family I found on Find A Grave.
The reason we went today was to look for some sign of some kind of witches alter.  There was nothing there to indicate that any kind of rituals or meetings go on here. In fact it is still an active cemetery with a long history that goes back before the Civil War.  It has stories of Underground Railroad ties surrounding it.  It is definitely a beautiful cemetery in West Virginia that is an awesome stop for anyone who enjoys walking in old cemeteries.   But a meeting sight for a coven of witches?  Well, if it is, they left no evidence of it.  The only mystery about this little cemetery is the area for THE UNKNOWN DEAD.  20-25 (why are they not sure of the number of dead buried here?  Fire disaster?  Flood?  Bodies mangled and mixed up?  My imagination just goes off the charts here sometimes.  Sorry.) unknown bodies buried here.  There are divits in the ground where you can tell someone was buried.   But why don't they know who so many people are?  One story says there was a steam boat accident on the Ohio River and there were slaves inside who parished when the ship sank who were trying to escape to freedom.  No one knew who they were so maybe they buried them in a mass grave?  Still looking for an explanation for that. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lisa Sullivan-The Sensative On Our Crew!

Lisa has been on the crew for over a year.  She is a sensitive and on occasion works some of our cases.  She has feelings that something is going to happen and she can sense when a spirit is around. While she generally has empathic abilities, she can also hit some details very acurately. 
She has lived in this area her whole life.  Amber, and Brooke are her daughters. 
Lisa is an avid Bigfoot fan, and loves  to bring her husband Randy on many of our adventures. 
She was there for us when we were doing the matinee at the Thompson Park haunt last year  and we have investigated her home as well!
She also played the Bowman Cemetery Witch at the Columbiana County Legends Tour last summer at Thompson Park!
She is an awesome lady and we are happy to have her on our Crew!

July 20 Gretchen's Lock Tour

Despite the heat, we ventured out into the wilderness that is Gretchen's Lock for our July 20 Gretchen's Lock tour.
This is Sena, Amber, and Briana as we make  our way back the trail that  leads to lock 41 or Gretchen's Lock.  It was very hot.  One of our new crew members became ill from it and had to be escorted out. 
She went to the emergency room and is fine now.  She will be back on her feet soon!
 A large tree has fallen across the path and you either crawl over it or under it.  We determined it enhanced out adventure!

Nature has slowly overtaken Gretchen's Lock.  The foliage now grows over the top of the lock and it is more like a beautiful tunnel now.  It also makes it a bit more eerily haunting. 

We visited what we call the Rune Stone.  It is a large stone with a round carving in it over by the hitching posts by the rest room.  There are several theories as to what it might really be.  Jon thinks they used it to make barrels.  Debbie says she thinks it was used for butchering to catch the blood.  It has a spout on the side.  It was once in the basement of the old house and then spent years sitting in the yard in front of the house.  What ever it is, we find it very interesting and recommend you checking it out!
Members of the crew took turns telling the tour comers about the different stories we know from the  area.  Debbie, a newbie ghost hunter on our crew told people about John, the ghost that guards the entrance to the path back to Gretchen's Lock.
Lead investigator Jon told everyone about the Rune Stone.  Several people, including Jon, checked the whole stone  out theorizing what it might be.
Sena told the story of the Shadow People that have been seen by so many in the area.  She looked pretty ghostly herself as she told the tale.

Our next Gretchen's Tour will be on August 12!  You will find us down there telling the tales we know about and doing some ghost hunting too.  Our tour starts at 7pm!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 14 Midnight Run to Gretchen's Lock

Here we are again at Gretchen's Lock ona midnight run.  You can never go to any one area too many times.  The more you research and study an area the better you know it.  Such is the case for us at Gretchen's. 

Sadly there is yet another hole in the door.  I am not sure why anyone would want to pound in this old door.  Not that it is that old mind you.  It has only been there since about 1972.  Still, pounding it in is retarded.  If you look through the large gaping hole that is already there you can see.....

This!  There is no floor.  If you go through that door, you are hurt for sure.   Like I have said so many times before, go around back and just walk into the building.  I think the ones doing the damage are the ones too chicken to do that.    
This is us wating on our newbies to finish their 5 minutes alone in the Grist Mill.  That does not seem like it would be scary, but until you have tried it, don't laugh.  We didn't get much this night but we did get a chance to work with two of our new crew members.  Pam and Debbie.  Also Kar Smith joined us and did 5 minutes alone too. 

During the day it is fine, but at night, strange sounds and animals in the woods moving around and the sheer pitch blackness is unnerving. 

We will be down here for a tour tomorrow night.  7pm.  Back parking lot.  Come and have an adventure with us!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gretchen's Lock Tour July 20 at 7pm

We are having a tour of Gretchen's Lock on Wednesday, July 20 at 7pm.  We will be talking about 7 different ghosts and visiting the different areas of the park that the ghosts may be found (or that we have had activity in).  This is free.  The Hiking may be moderate back to Gretchen's actual Lock.   Any questions?  email me!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Highlandtown Lake Ghosts?

This is Highlandtown lake near Salineville Ohio.  We have been going out there pursuing my other favorite thing to do, fishing.  However, we did an EVP out here the other night and got some interesting results.  I asked if anyone was here and the answer I got was "We are here." 
Are there any ghost stories or legends associated with this area?  We are over by the boat dock.  Have there been any deaths out here or accidental drownings or anything like that?  Just fishing for some information and any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Rogers Sale Adventure

 We spent the say out at Rogers Sale yesterday.  We set out our stories, Amber did face painting, and we gave out these awesome cookies that Pam made.  Pam is a new crew member and more info will  be coming soon about her.
 Jackson worked on his face painting skills, using Sammi's leg for practice. 
Here is some of what he was working on. 
 Oh, and here were the cookies we were handing out.  The were sugar cookies with butter creme frosting.  Yumm!  Yes I had one or two or three.....
 Mike and Will sat in the Shade of our canopy.  Mike is head of our security, the hardest and yet easiest job on the crew.  Will got his hands on a used lap top from the sale that we hope to turn into a field laptop for EVP and Pics.  Excited at the prospects of that.
And I did the  hard stuff.  Helping my grandson ride his first pony.  He grabbed the saddle horn and tried to steer it like a car!  He even made car sounds as we walked around the ring.  It was awesome! 
We had a great time and plan on doing it again next month.  We met dozens of people and made many new friends.  I talked to Shawn from Pennsylvania Paranormal Rangers, Bill Beiling from Extreme Paranormal out of Leetonia, plus a couple other Ghost Hunting Crews.  We look forward to a chance to hunt with them in the future!

This is Debbie and Pam, two new crew members!
Pam made our ghostly cookies!
 Let you know when we go back out! 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Different Stories of The Blue Lady of Thompson Park

There are (so far) 4 different stories about the Blue Lady of Thompson Park.  The first one takes place in the 1800's.  It tells the tale of a former owner  who would walk to a spring located around the park at night and used a lantern that cast a blue light.  Hence she was called the Blue Lady. 
 Another story tells the tale of an old couple who, after getting into a terrible figtht, ended up by the pool.  The husband ended up tossing his nagging wife into the pool and she drowned.  She then became the Blue Lady. 
Another story tells of the young girl asked to the prom, which we did a video about.  This story took place in the early
 1960's.  We did look for some kind of newspaper articles about this, but so far have found nothing about a young girl found floating in the pool in a beautiful blue dress.
The is somewhat similar to the one above.  It takes place in the early 50's however.  The young girl does get asked to the prom and the young man tells her he will pick her up at the park.  She will know he is there because he said he would beep his horn.  She waits patiently for him, not knowing he was having car trouble and was running late.  She hears a car coming down the road and impatient for him to arrive, she jumps out onto the road in her excitement.  It turns out to not be him and the driver of the car actually hits her, killing her instantly.  She is now supposed to haunt the park.  This new story will find us back at the library looking at the paper for any stories involving a girl getting hit by a car near the park in the 1950's.   If you know anything about this story, or any version told here, or if you have a new version, please let me know!



Monday, July 11, 2011

Three New Videos for G12P!

 We have three new videos on youtube to check out!

The Blue Lady of Thompson Park stars crew member Sena Bradich.  She was awesome for this character!!
Jen Bielskis played the Bowman Cemetery Witch.  She made her own costume as well is it is amazing!

Dr. David Silver is played by Alex Bielskis and he was awesome at it!  All three of these videos are on youtube and ready to watch!  Let me know what you think!!!