Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Different Stories of The Blue Lady of Thompson Park

There are (so far) 4 different stories about the Blue Lady of Thompson Park.  The first one takes place in the 1800's.  It tells the tale of a former owner  who would walk to a spring located around the park at night and used a lantern that cast a blue light.  Hence she was called the Blue Lady. 
 Another story tells the tale of an old couple who, after getting into a terrible figtht, ended up by the pool.  The husband ended up tossing his nagging wife into the pool and she drowned.  She then became the Blue Lady. 
Another story tells of the young girl asked to the prom, which we did a video about.  This story took place in the early
 1960's.  We did look for some kind of newspaper articles about this, but so far have found nothing about a young girl found floating in the pool in a beautiful blue dress.
The is somewhat similar to the one above.  It takes place in the early 50's however.  The young girl does get asked to the prom and the young man tells her he will pick her up at the park.  She will know he is there because he said he would beep his horn.  She waits patiently for him, not knowing he was having car trouble and was running late.  She hears a car coming down the road and impatient for him to arrive, she jumps out onto the road in her excitement.  It turns out to not be him and the driver of the car actually hits her, killing her instantly.  She is now supposed to haunt the park.  This new story will find us back at the library looking at the paper for any stories involving a girl getting hit by a car near the park in the 1950's.   If you know anything about this story, or any version told here, or if you have a new version, please let me know!

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