Sunday, July 17, 2011

Highlandtown Lake Ghosts?

This is Highlandtown lake near Salineville Ohio.  We have been going out there pursuing my other favorite thing to do, fishing.  However, we did an EVP out here the other night and got some interesting results.  I asked if anyone was here and the answer I got was "We are here." 
Are there any ghost stories or legends associated with this area?  We are over by the boat dock.  Have there been any deaths out here or accidental drownings or anything like that?  Just fishing for some information and any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Liz said...

My parents used to live in Salineville. They never had any ghost stories per se, but my mom did tell me a story about a schoolhouse fire. There's a section in the cemetery that contains all the victims. If I remember correctly, my mom said that they have portraits on the graves. I'll ask her again for more details about that fire.

Kimberly Mitchell said...

Please email me if you do find there was a school fire. A year that would have happened would be awesome. We could research it here! I will ask around also and see if anyone knows what I am talking about. I know there is a rumor that Southern Local is haunted by a little girl, but those are the only details I have so far.