Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 14 Midnight Run to Gretchen's Lock

Here we are again at Gretchen's Lock ona midnight run.  You can never go to any one area too many times.  The more you research and study an area the better you know it.  Such is the case for us at Gretchen's. 

Sadly there is yet another hole in the door.  I am not sure why anyone would want to pound in this old door.  Not that it is that old mind you.  It has only been there since about 1972.  Still, pounding it in is retarded.  If you look through the large gaping hole that is already there you can see.....

This!  There is no floor.  If you go through that door, you are hurt for sure.   Like I have said so many times before, go around back and just walk into the building.  I think the ones doing the damage are the ones too chicken to do that.    
This is us wating on our newbies to finish their 5 minutes alone in the Grist Mill.  That does not seem like it would be scary, but until you have tried it, don't laugh.  We didn't get much this night but we did get a chance to work with two of our new crew members.  Pam and Debbie.  Also Kar Smith joined us and did 5 minutes alone too. 

During the day it is fine, but at night, strange sounds and animals in the woods moving around and the sheer pitch blackness is unnerving. 

We will be down here for a tour tomorrow night.  7pm.  Back parking lot.  Come and have an adventure with us!!!

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