Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 20 Gretchen's Lock Tour

Despite the heat, we ventured out into the wilderness that is Gretchen's Lock for our July 20 Gretchen's Lock tour.
This is Sena, Amber, and Briana as we make  our way back the trail that  leads to lock 41 or Gretchen's Lock.  It was very hot.  One of our new crew members became ill from it and had to be escorted out. 
She went to the emergency room and is fine now.  She will be back on her feet soon!
 A large tree has fallen across the path and you either crawl over it or under it.  We determined it enhanced out adventure!

Nature has slowly overtaken Gretchen's Lock.  The foliage now grows over the top of the lock and it is more like a beautiful tunnel now.  It also makes it a bit more eerily haunting. 

We visited what we call the Rune Stone.  It is a large stone with a round carving in it over by the hitching posts by the rest room.  There are several theories as to what it might really be.  Jon thinks they used it to make barrels.  Debbie says she thinks it was used for butchering to catch the blood.  It has a spout on the side.  It was once in the basement of the old house and then spent years sitting in the yard in front of the house.  What ever it is, we find it very interesting and recommend you checking it out!
Members of the crew took turns telling the tour comers about the different stories we know from the  area.  Debbie, a newbie ghost hunter on our crew told people about John, the ghost that guards the entrance to the path back to Gretchen's Lock.
Lead investigator Jon told everyone about the Rune Stone.  Several people, including Jon, checked the whole stone  out theorizing what it might be.
Sena told the story of the Shadow People that have been seen by so many in the area.  She looked pretty ghostly herself as she told the tale.

Our next Gretchen's Tour will be on August 12!  You will find us down there telling the tales we know about and doing some ghost hunting too.  Our tour starts at 7pm!

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