Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lisa Sullivan-The Sensative On Our Crew!

Lisa has been on the crew for over a year.  She is a sensitive and on occasion works some of our cases.  She has feelings that something is going to happen and she can sense when a spirit is around. While she generally has empathic abilities, she can also hit some details very acurately. 
She has lived in this area her whole life.  Amber, and Brooke are her daughters. 
Lisa is an avid Bigfoot fan, and loves  to bring her husband Randy on many of our adventures. 
She was there for us when we were doing the matinee at the Thompson Park haunt last year  and we have investigated her home as well!
She also played the Bowman Cemetery Witch at the Columbiana County Legends Tour last summer at Thompson Park!
She is an awesome lady and we are happy to have her on our Crew!

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