Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our Rogers Sale Adventure

 We spent the say out at Rogers Sale yesterday.  We set out our stories, Amber did face painting, and we gave out these awesome cookies that Pam made.  Pam is a new crew member and more info will  be coming soon about her.
 Jackson worked on his face painting skills, using Sammi's leg for practice. 
Here is some of what he was working on. 
 Oh, and here were the cookies we were handing out.  The were sugar cookies with butter creme frosting.  Yumm!  Yes I had one or two or three.....
 Mike and Will sat in the Shade of our canopy.  Mike is head of our security, the hardest and yet easiest job on the crew.  Will got his hands on a used lap top from the sale that we hope to turn into a field laptop for EVP and Pics.  Excited at the prospects of that.
And I did the  hard stuff.  Helping my grandson ride his first pony.  He grabbed the saddle horn and tried to steer it like a car!  He even made car sounds as we walked around the ring.  It was awesome! 
We had a great time and plan on doing it again next month.  We met dozens of people and made many new friends.  I talked to Shawn from Pennsylvania Paranormal Rangers, Bill Beiling from Extreme Paranormal out of Leetonia, plus a couple other Ghost Hunting Crews.  We look forward to a chance to hunt with them in the future!

This is Debbie and Pam, two new crew members!
Pam made our ghostly cookies!
 Let you know when we go back out! 

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