Monday, July 11, 2011

The Salineville Salt Festival WAS AWESOME!!!!

 This past weekend found G12P at the Salineville Salt Festival and we had a blast!!  We had several characters there that we told stories about  like Gretchen Gill, Christina Sloan, the Captain and the Lady, and Jake the Night Watchman.
Nathan and Nicki played our Captain and the Lady and they were awesome!! Thank you both so much for your invaluable help.

 We also had Salineville's own Sadie  Barcus, and the Bowman Cemetery Witch, played by our newest crew members Pam and Debbie!  More on them in a future post!!!
 We had a nice crowd both nights and many people came to read our stories of ghosts, legends, murders, tragedies, and other events.  It was just awesome!

Amber came out as our Christina Sloan.  She does such an awesome job at it!

This was Pam's first event and she did great!  She and Debbie, along with Jo Anne and Kar helped us out so much!  We appreciate it!   We were also in the parade on  and I actually played the Character of Sadie Barcus (because many of my crew were on vacation and I had no choice!  But I did okay.)
Thank you to the Salt Festival  Committee for having us at their festival!  Thank you Salineville!  Everyone was great!  We look forward to next year!!!

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