Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Interesting Pics From Our August Camp Out

 This is just visually awesome!  The Camera caught the sparks coming from the fire and it remnds me of fireworks.  Jon seems to attract this stuff, as the next few pics will indicate.
This is Jon and Jackson talking on one of our adventures into the unknown after dark.  The orb between them is so cool!  No doubt it is dust, but it makes for a truly awesome picture!!
Again, Jon has orbs in his picture.  One is a moving orb and red too.  Does it mean it is a spirit?  Of course not.  But it looks great in the pic

This last picture is still another moving orb.  Seeming to be hovering over Jon and Jack, I wondered as I searched our over 400 pics we took over the weekend whether or not Jon or Jack picked up a friend on one of their escapades.  Interesting notion.
We are talking about going one more time to camp at Gretchen's , though it will depend on the weather and how fast it gets cold out.  I will say it is so relaxing in that area, even when we are ghost hunting, the general attitude is calm and fun.  We plan on camping down there a lot next year for sure!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Egypt Road in Salem, Ohio is best known for the infamous Cry Baby Bridge.  Not only was a young woman supposed to have thrown her baby over the side of the bridge, but also there are rumors of Satanic Worship that is supposed to go one somewhere along this back woods kind of road.  There are also other stories.
A drive along this sparsely populated area shows you several empty or deserted houses.  One had damage from a terrible fire, which was sad because it looked to be a century home. 
This one to the right was just empty and over grown with weeds.  Certain parts of the road was also unsettling my ghost hunters senses.  I definitely want to return to the area soon with a digital recorder and a ghost box, if I can find an area with no ZOMBIES.
That's right.  ZOMBIES.  Certain parts of Egypt Road are said to be populated with the undead.  Supposedly, if you stop your car and shut off the engine and sit quietly for a few minutes, the undead come out of the woods and surround your car.  Who in his right mind would do that? 
Another tale talks of a young couple who found a great place to park for a while, somewhere along this road.  The boyfriend needed to use the restroom so he left his lovely girlfriend waiting in the car.  She waited. And waited.  And waited.  A slight rubbing sound kept coming from the roof after a while and she thought a squirrel or some other animal might be on the roof. She finally got out of the car to see where her boyfriend went.  To her horror he was hanging by his feet from a rope tied to an over hanging branch.  His dangling hand with his class ring kept sliding across the top of the car.  His throat had been slit!
This one sounds like an urban legend, but it is still pretty scary!  If you have any stories about this haunting road in the Salem area, please share them!  We are working on a tour of Salem using the Historical Society's Trolley, so any stories you know would be great!  Email me! 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our August Camping Adventure

  Our camping adventure was AWESOME!!!  As always we had a wonderful turnout and the weather just loved us!

We went ghost hunting all over the park, and Bigfoot hunting too!  We did ghost box sessions and particularly good luck over by the Runestone.  I was just loving it!

We met up with a family while out there and showed them around the park with a Mini Tour.  We did several ghost  box sessions with them and had the greatest success!  They were pretty awesome!!

 These are my die hard ghost hunters.   Pam, Jon, Ethan, Jackson, and Jack.  We were out both nights till well after 4 am hiking through the woods and looking for anything that went bump in the night.  Good job guys!
 We also went hiking along the cliffs (Jon, Jack, and me).  They were beautiful and more will be coming about them soon!.  It was like being in Grand Canyon!

 Here is my wonderful amazing, and awesome crew!  We are missing a few of us here, but we hope to have them back soon!
 We had special guest Dennis Russel, a  long time ghost hunter from this area that now lives in Columbus!  Also, Steve Payne, Jacks brother.  Thanks guys for tagging along with us on our Bigfoot quest for the day!
We were also joined by a young man named Ethan!  He was an awesome ghost hunter that we have  hope to hunt with again!  Good job  Ethan!  They don't come much  braver than you!

Jon is as fearless as it gets.  He is standing on the edge of a cliff and is not even worried about it. 

We even checked out the bridge that is said to be haunted  by Esther Hale.  We were all over it, above and  below.  I had Jackson, Abbie, Zack and Pam to help me!
This is meant to give you a rough idea of the cliffs we were exploring.  I was having a blast traveling the path below them and enjoying the beautiful scenery.    It looks like we may go one more time this fall.  End of September or beginning of October is looking good. 
Our next public event may be a fundraiser tour of East Liverpool this Saturday at 3pm.  We are donating all proceeds to the Marshall family, who lost Charles and Gage in a fire on August 15.  More information coming very soon!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Ghostly Legend For Leetonia

This is Pam and Will standing beside the sign for Mount Calvary Cemetery near Leetonia, Ohio.  We went to check it out because Will had heard an interesting legend about the area. (Will grew up in Salem) 

Once upon a time on this road, somewhere around Grafton and Lisbon Road, a young girl was hitch hiking.  No one is sure who she was or where she came from, but she was hit by a car supposedly in this intersection and killed instantly.  A few years
 later, reports started coming in about a young girl hitch hiking along this road.  She would be picked up by a friendly passer by and she would tell them what house she was looking for.  They would attempt to take her there, but when they reached the destination, she had vanished from inside their car.
This has apparently happened several times.  Others claim she haunts Mount Calvary Cemetery, as the accident may have happened right in front of it.

We walked around and read many of the stones in this little cemetery.  None seemed to match the story of this girl.  We could not find any unknown graves, though there were many graves unmarked.  If she is buried here, we have not found her, yet.  If you know anything about this story, please email me!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jacob Grimm-Namesake for Grimms Bridge

Jacob Grimm was born in Hesse-Casel, Germany, in 1761, and came to this country when very young. He died in 1843 and is buried in Calcutta, Ohio.(I have not found this grave yet for sure, though the whole family seems to be buried at Longs Run.) He was hired to England during the Revolutionary War as one of the Hessian troops.  Falling in love with America and its ideals, he deserted  the Hessian's and joined the 23rd Regiment commanded by Gen. George Washington. He also later fought with Jackson at New Orleans, La. Eventually, along with two other families,  he built a flat bottomed boat and sailed  the rivers, ending up at the mouth of Beaver Creek.  Jacob went to work for John Beaver, carrying chain for a surveying gang. Not being satisfied with this work he went with John Spear and learned the paper maker’s trade. He helped make the first paper that was sent to Philadelphia and later made into readers and school books. It was during this time that he acquired 160 acres of ground, which was on both sides of the Beaver Creek (at one time was called the Spahr Farm).  He lived to be 82 years old and was always very active. Grimm’s Bridge was named in honor of him.

This grave site may belong to Jacob Grimm, though the letters are too worn to see for sure.  I will keep looking and hope to find something for certain in the near future.

Monday, August 22, 2011


 You will find this beauty on Annesley Road.  After months of passing this house, I finally stopped and just asked the owners about it. They were really nice about it.  They even took me inside for a tour.  :)
 There were two fireplaces.  No one has lived in it for years.  It was once a farm house and there was a whole farm there with a barn and out buildings.  It was long before Route 11 was built. 

 It was owned by a nice couple for years.  The Husband died and the Wife rented it out for several years.  She finally decided to live in it, so she started having it renovated.  Tragically she was killed in a car accident before she could move in. 
Here it has sat, ever since.  No one else ever lived in it, or so I am told.  I am looking for more information on this house and this story. 

It was awesome getting to walk through it and take a few pictures.  We couldn't go upstairs, but the threat of bees and bats was enough to keep me down stairs.  Still the feel of the house was old and mysterious.
One of my favorite things about this house was the old curtains hanging in the windows.  They have been hanging there for years and truly match the house.  It was kind of the icing on the cake.  If you know any stories about this old house please email me!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Investigating The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens in Leetonia with Xtreme Paranormal

 We had a great time with Xtreme Paranormal, despite the rain today as we explored the Leetonia Cherry Valley Coke Ovens!  Bill, Devon, Jim and John were there along with their friend Danielle.  We thank them so much for coming along with us and providing us with some great information about the area! 
The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens are simply awesome!  For me it is like going to so far off land that you would find knights, dragons, and elves running around!  (Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies ever!!)

Here Jon is crossing the old train tracks, and very nimbly I might add.  I don't know how deep the water is, but Jon had no problems crossing here.

 We were also joined by Nicole and Carol who happened to come for a visit while we were there.  They joined us in some of our investigating.  Thank you ladies!

The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens are an awesome place to visit here in the county.  While it is undecided as to whether it is haunted or not, the beauty of the area is a feast for the eyes, making it well worth a visit!!
Thanks XTREME PARANORMAL for having us up.  We look forward to a night time investigation of this haunting area! 
For more information on Xtreme Paranormal here is there web site:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Family Video Was An Awesome Event!

 We set up at Family Video today and told some of the local stories as well as showed off some of our equipment.  Jackson came dressed as a Quaker preacher and little Madison came dressed as a little ghost.  It was a great time. 
I t was Family Video's one year anniversary.   They had balloons, cake and fruit punch as well as free face painting. 

We had our Bigfoot expert, Amber, there to answer any Big Guy questions too! 

 Madison was awesome as a cute little ghost wandering the isles. 
We had our camera system set up and recorded several areas of the video store. 

For G12P we had a nice turn out and every one had a great time!  Abbie and Sammi grossed us out by getting giant pickles and sticking straws in them and drinking the pickle juice.  YUCK!!!

We look forward to doing this again for some of the future movies coming out.  Thank you to Family Video for having us to help with your birthday celebration!  We love that you are here and hope you stay around for a long time!
Look for us at Gretchen's Lock on Aug 26 and 27 as we are camping there for the third time this summer!  We have a blast every time we go!  Searching for ghosts and Bigfoot is awesome down there!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Marshall Family Needs Our Community Support!

Mike and I stopped at Giant Eagle today and saw a bake sale going on.   We found out it was for the Marshall Family who had suffered the horrific loss of Charles and Gage earlier this week in the fire on  Cannon's Mill road.  The funeral costs are about $10,000 and they could sure use some community love and support!  In the next few days they are setting up a checking account to accept donations and as soon as I can get this information, I will post it here. 
G12P will be having a fundraiser tour of East Liverpool in the next two weeks (date and time to be posted soon!) and all proceeds will be given to the Marshall Family.  If you see them out there please help them out  by buying some of the awesome bakery goods they offer or just donating!