Sunday, August 14, 2011

Aug 12 at Gretchen's Was Crazy Busy!

We had more than 60 people on our Ghost Tour of Gretchen's Lock Friday night.  It was an awesome adventure! 

Our walk back to Gretchen's Lock was long because we had a lot of people, but well worth it. We met lots of wonderful people who were hoping to catch a glimpse of a ghost.  

We told all the usual stories and had ghost box and EVP sessions in the Grist Mill afterward. 

The pics were great but no one saw Gretchen or Esther.  That was a bummer.  

Those in attendance included Will, Briana, Jon, Amber, Lisa, Jack, Abbie, Alex, Becky, Maria, Pam, Jackson, Mike, and me. 

And at least  15 brave souls were brave enough to go into the Mill. 
We had an awesome time and hope to do it again very soon!!!  We will be camping down at Gretchen's Lock once more on Aug 27 and 28!  Come down and see us!

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