Monday, August 1, 2011

The Dam At Lock 41- Gretchen's Lock

 In July it is very easy to see what is left of the Dam in the creek beside Lock 41 or what everyone knows as Gretchen's Lock.   I have seen the timbers in the water before, usually when the creek is low.  When we  were camping this weekend, we made several trips to Lock 41.  It is one of my most favorite locks because it is very beautiful.  Creepy for sure, but I always get awesome pictures when I go there.
Here is Mike and Jack standing on the creek side of Gretchen's.  We walked out into the creek to examine the timbers of the lock. When I turned to take this picture I noticed this lock looks like a castle along the creek.  Awesome!

There is a lot of the dam left.  Here you can see a hole drilled into the timber and see where it was notched out.  I find it amazing that there is so much left, even after 160 years. 
 I followed the timbers in the water from one shore side to another, checking ot the craftsmanship and how easily the timbers seem to fit together.  To have any of it survive floods, freezing, more floods, and even people just taking parts of it is awesome!
Here you can see actual planks that are on the left side of the bank as you stand on the Lock.  I picked up a piece of it to examine. It was very heavy.  I turned it over in my hand and discovered it was full of baby helgrimites!  They pinch.  Needless to say, the wood made its way back into the water!
Specific information on each lock is sketchy. For example, why is Vondergreens Lock called that or Greys Lock.    I understand the numbers for the locks, but why are some named after people? 
I would also like to see a picture of a dam that was part of the canal like the one that was here.  I would love to see why there are holes drilled in the wood and get a good idea of how tall they were.  Any ideas or information on them, email me!

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