Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Egypt Road in Salem, Ohio is best known for the infamous Cry Baby Bridge.  Not only was a young woman supposed to have thrown her baby over the side of the bridge, but also there are rumors of Satanic Worship that is supposed to go one somewhere along this back woods kind of road.  There are also other stories.
A drive along this sparsely populated area shows you several empty or deserted houses.  One had damage from a terrible fire, which was sad because it looked to be a century home. 
This one to the right was just empty and over grown with weeds.  Certain parts of the road was also unsettling my ghost hunters senses.  I definitely want to return to the area soon with a digital recorder and a ghost box, if I can find an area with no ZOMBIES.
That's right.  ZOMBIES.  Certain parts of Egypt Road are said to be populated with the undead.  Supposedly, if you stop your car and shut off the engine and sit quietly for a few minutes, the undead come out of the woods and surround your car.  Who in his right mind would do that? 
Another tale talks of a young couple who found a great place to park for a while, somewhere along this road.  The boyfriend needed to use the restroom so he left his lovely girlfriend waiting in the car.  She waited. And waited.  And waited.  A slight rubbing sound kept coming from the roof after a while and she thought a squirrel or some other animal might be on the roof. She finally got out of the car to see where her boyfriend went.  To her horror he was hanging by his feet from a rope tied to an over hanging branch.  His dangling hand with his class ring kept sliding across the top of the car.  His throat had been slit!
This one sounds like an urban legend, but it is still pretty scary!  If you have any stories about this haunting road in the Salem area, please share them!  We are working on a tour of Salem using the Historical Society's Trolley, so any stories you know would be great!  Email me!  ghosting12@yahoo.com 


Anonymous said...

there is an old man name Mister Blue that haunts egpyt road also.

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Anonymous said...

That road is evil it always have been as long as I can remember leave that road be no one leaves that road untouched by the evil that dwells there this is for your safety. There is a reason the people of Salem don't normally use that road.

Anonymous said...

hello, my name is corey. I actually live off Egypt road a little ways from the brige. besides the faint cries at night and the creaking of the branches, and the weird sounds at night I haven't seen zombies yet lol. but I do hear a lot of gun shots at night, and rumors be told the trail that leads behind my house leads to a lake? I don't know I haven't got enough courage to go all the way back there yet, but we just moved here a month or two ago. I did stay at the house by my self before we all moved in and I stated though out the house "im not here to hurt you, and explained my reasons for being there" as I was about to go to bed I was drifting in and out and it sounded of a female voice saying " I will speak to you" plain and clear it woke me up to shock. and I looked around there was no one in the house. this is only my stories though. if youd like to get in contact with me me names corey, heres my email coreyneishleb@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I live in Salem and I can admit that that road is the scariest thing I've ever encountered and my house is haunted to the max. Just driving down Egypt Road, I get chills. I'd honestly like to see a paranormal team investigate it.