Sunday, August 21, 2011

Investigating The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens in Leetonia with Xtreme Paranormal

 We had a great time with Xtreme Paranormal, despite the rain today as we explored the Leetonia Cherry Valley Coke Ovens!  Bill, Devon, Jim and John were there along with their friend Danielle.  We thank them so much for coming along with us and providing us with some great information about the area! 
The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens are simply awesome!  For me it is like going to so far off land that you would find knights, dragons, and elves running around!  (Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies ever!!)

Here Jon is crossing the old train tracks, and very nimbly I might add.  I don't know how deep the water is, but Jon had no problems crossing here.

 We were also joined by Nicole and Carol who happened to come for a visit while we were there.  They joined us in some of our investigating.  Thank you ladies!

The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens are an awesome place to visit here in the county.  While it is undecided as to whether it is haunted or not, the beauty of the area is a feast for the eyes, making it well worth a visit!!
Thanks XTREME PARANORMAL for having us up.  We look forward to a night time investigation of this haunting area! 
For more information on Xtreme Paranormal here is there web site:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, G12P! Carol and I had a great time investigating the Coke Ovens. I posted some pics on my facebook page -- I am, if you are interested. Best, Nicole