Sunday, August 7, 2011

Remembering Three Missing Persons In Columbiana County

This is Tracy Hill and she has been missing since June 7, 2001.  This year makes ten years that her family has been left wondering what happened to her. 
Ten years.   A decade.   Where is she?  What happened to her?  Why is it that no one can find her?

Louise Davis has been missing since June 21, 1979.  Thirty years.  She has been gone over thirty years.  Where could she possibly be that no one can find her?  Her parents died never knowing what happened to her. 

And this is Gene Lysle.  He has been missing since June 13, 2004.  He has been gone for 7 years.  As with the other two above, where is he that no one can find him? They are missing.  Their families do not know where they are.  Every day they wonder. I can not even imagine what these families have been through.

 I just wanted to remind you that Gene, Louise and Tracy are out there somewhere. They are missing and their families desperately want to find them.  Please keep them all in your prayers. 

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