Sunday, August 14, 2011

Salem's Grand Parade Was One Of Our All Time Favorite EVents!!

 We had an awesome time at the Salem Grand Parade!  This was our first year there and only our second parade ever, but we are getting better!!  Our Float was draped in black cloth and peppered with pretty silk flowers, trying to look like a funeral coach.  Our pull vehicle was decorated like a Lock for the Sandy and Beaver Canal.  Our Legends included Lucy Cobb, The Captain, Gretchen, Esther, Jake, Little Davide, The Bowman Cemetery Witch, Christina Sloan, the Young mother of Cry Baby Bridge, Erastus Eels, and the Captain of Grimms Bridge. 
Mike was our driver and Jackson, Jon, James, and I walked along side the float giving out dumdum lollipops! 
Abbie was our Esther, Makayla was our Gretchen, Will was his usual Jake, Pam was the Bowman Witch, JoAnne was the Mushroom Lady, Kar was the Captain of Grimms Bridge, Jack was Erastus Eels, Zack was Little David, and Briana was the woman of Cry Baby Bridge.

Everyone worked hard to pull  this off and we had a wonderful time!  Salem is a great place to visit and is full of the coolest history!  You will see us there again on October 22 and 23 giving Haunted and Historical Tours!  Hope to see you there!!!!

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