Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Three Witches of Lipply Road Had One Of Their Grave Stones Stolen.

Picture taken by Angel and Steve.
I have been to Lipply Road a few times now and have yet to find these Grave Stones.  I do not believe this to be the final resting place for witches at all, but simply three people of German descent.  HOWEVER there are many who feel there is something paranormal about this site.  So much so that someone has stolen one of the three grave markers that was there.  I received this info in an  email from someone in that area, though I have not confirmed it myself.   The same emailer told me there is a reward for the return of the  stone( I don't at this time know the amount), so if you know where it is, consider helping the owners of the property that these people are buried on to get the stone back.  If you are the one who stole it, please give it back.  Everyone deserves to have at least that one stone that tells the world they were once alive and had a life.  One of these stones marks the grave of a young mother who died in child birth.   Family plots were very common and most likely that is what this little grave area is.  A simple family plot, holding the remains of people who were loved and later greatly missed.  They deserve the right to REST IN PEACE.

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