Friday, September 30, 2011


If you are serious about researching an area you dig deep. You find yourself always looking for any scrap of information and you perk up if you get the slightest scrap.  While I have been researching Lisbon, Salem, and East Liverpool, I have ended up in old dusty rooms with big old dusty books.  In those big old dusty books you sometimes run across bits of info that contradict what we think is right today.  For example,
Never fear.  We don't.
I found an old story about Esther that claims her wedding day was supposed to be September 29 rather than Aug 12.  Last night found us at Gretchen's Lock in the Grist Mill looking for any signs of our elusive Esther  Hale.  We spent over two hours doing EVP sessions and Ghost Box sessions hoping to hear from her.  While we are still going over the recordings, I have already heard one EVP that says "How do you know me?"

My crew was Jack, Jackson, Sammi and Mike.  They did a great job.  Jack is one of our newer crew members and has taken to ghost hunting very well. 

This awesome picture was taken by Sammi!s

We will be doing a video about last night soon. 

Knowing the history of your area can be very helpful in finding the ghosts you seek.  I was very comfortable there last night.  There was no bad feelings or dread anywhere so I could have stayed in there all night and been comfortable.  
We will let you know if we caught anything and hope to have the EVP I know of so far on here for you to hear. 
Our next tour here is October 16 at 6pm.  Bring a flashlight, camera, and recorder.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ghosting 12 Paranormal will be attending the Oct 1 Ghost Walk in Hanoverton.  It starts at 7:15. The Cost is $6 per person. 
Here is the Hanoverton Ghost Walk Facebook Page Link:!/pages/History-Haunts-and-Legend-Tours/232270666804829\
Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


We will be at the Salem Public Library in the Quaker Room to talk about the haunted places you can find in Columbiana County, with emphasis on the haunted places around Salem.  Places like Hope Cemetery, Cry Baby Bridge, and several other sites around town.  If you would like more information on how to attend this event  (which is FREE)
For more information stop in, call the library at 330-332-0042,or find them online at

We will have posters, equipment, and maybe even a demonstration of the Ghost Box and EVP sessions!  This is for Adults.  Hope to see you there!

Keeping Your Crew Together

We try our best to present to the world an organized and
 professionall crew.
The average life span of any ghost hunting  crew is about two years.  There are many reasons for this.  People have lives to live and sometimes things change for them.  They move or change jobs or get married, etc.  Sometimes there are other reasons, however.   Sometimes there is a lot of bickering and arguments among crew members and that makes it rough to keep together.  What we have noticed is that it sometimes gets worse after an investigation.  We are no strangers to arguing amongst ourselves.  And we argue over the stupidest things.  Everything from who took what picture to how many comments someone makes on facebook.  We have had big arguments over the color of our shirts (a couple crew members wanted PINK shirts and even quit for a short time because we opted for black or red instead.) or how many people to take on an investigation. 
We get through these little altercations because we talk  it out.  We don't harbor it so it can fester.  We have bitch sessions from time to time to clear the air and it helps. This, what I call a phenomenon, also happens between the different ghost hunting crews out there.   The more you work with them the worse it gets too.  We have worked  with a couple of groups and staying friends with them has been difficult.  Everyone has their own way of thinking in the paranormal world.  Beliefs are different, to the point that it causes friction.  There is also the thought that no  one else is getting what your crew is getting so it should stay a secret so no one can take it or you think some other crew out there is copying you and what you have done.  It may well be that we are getting the same ideas at the same time which might also be classified as a phenomenon.  We also might never know though because it is so hard to work with other crews, and each other.  

This is us sometimes, too.  But because we are like a family,
we get through it.
 So far so good for G1P.  We have our differences but we are working to keep things calm and workable.  Hopefully getting through this, our busiest time of the year, and then getting a break over the winter months will help out too.  If your crew has problems like this let us know how you deal with them.  We have to start sharing somewhere. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

More pics of the Marshall Fundraiser Tour

 Here are a couple more pictures of the Marshall Fundraiser Tour.  These two were taken by Jackson Wilson.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Visited Cry Baby Bridge In Salem Today

I took about 400 pics today at Cry Baby Bridge.  This is one of them.  It isn't any different then it was the last time I was there (2009). It was recently determined that a
  60-year-old woman , whose body was discovered Oct. 25, 2010 by a Perry Township Police officer had been murdered.  He noticed a small fire and a van in the closed off area known as Cry Baby Bridge.  When he stopped to investigate, he discovered the burning body.  Later tests showed
she was strangled.  It is the first ever homicide for Perry Township.  It is because she was burned that they had to wait so long to determine her cause of death. 
  October 15 the Salem Historical Society will be having a Ghost Trolley Tour of the Salem area which will include making a stop at Cry Baby Bridge.  We will not be talking about above mentioned case on this tour, but Cry Baby Bridge has so many legends about it, you won't be bored!  You will  be allowed to explore the area for a few minutes thanks to some extra effort from Karen Beiry!  Who is Karen Beiry?  Author of the book about Goldie Bell Taylor called "Believe". 
 More will be coming about this awesome lady!  As will more pics of Cry Baby Bridge once I get them all looked at!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Marshall Fundraiser Tour Got An Added Bonus

 Our turn out was poor but that is okay.  A bigger group might not have been able to tour the Mega Deals Building in East Liverpool!  Everyone who came got to tour the building and hear some of the new stories about it! BONUS!!!
And of course we stopped to see the Haunted Piano on the third floor.  I always like paying this old relic a visit.

We even stopped later at the Hot  Dog Shoppe for a cool drink before we continued on.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Especially me because I love doing these things.   Thank you so much to all those who came today.  I hope you had as much fun as I did. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Apology For Our Error In The Lisbon Tour

The first rule when doing any research of an area is never assume anything.  I am sorry to say that I broke that rule in my search of Lisbon History.  This Lock Stone, outside of the old Stone Tavern says it is from Lock 27.  For us today, Lock 27 is Lusks Lock out past Elkton.  I took this and ran with it.  I knew that Lusks Lock did have it's Lock Stone replaced and I assumed this was the old one.  IT SAYS LOCK 27 in my defense.  However, 100 years ago the locks were numbered differently.  E. Gill had his own numbering for the locks, which does not match what we have today.  According to the original Lusk's Lock Plate,  it says it is number 41.  You can find this information at THE SANDY BEAVER CANAL BY JERRY KING .   It is complicated as I still do not understand why there is such a discrepancy, but needless to say this lock stone is from a lock that was once at the end of Market Street in Lisbon.  It was not at Lusks Lock.  I am still not done feeling like an idiot for this and again I do apologize.  But the story of the Little Girl being buried in Lusks Lock was still a good legend to share and this Lock Stone was a good introduction for it.  I will strive to get my facts straight in any future endeavors. 

A Picture of the Barn That Erastus Eells Made His Coffins In

This little barn (photo by Chris and Debbie) was where Erastus Eells operated his little wood working shop.  Here he made cabinets and coffins.  Here is also where he may have smuggled slaves out of the country by hiding them in the coffins he made and shipping them to Canada.  He may have been doing this as early as the mid 1840's, long before the Civil War ever broke out.  I am honored to know that our county was made by strong and brave men like Erastus Eells. 

Lt. Col Johnathon Laird-Laid To Rest In His Own Back Yard

One of the many stories on our Lisbon Tour was that of Lt. Col. Johnathon Laird.  He was a Revolutionary Soldier, may had been involved in a few Indian Skirmishes, and might also have been involved in the War of 1812.  He was also buried in his own back yard when he died in 1824. He is buried beside his daughter, Catherine Laird Kidd (which might tie into another story later).  When the property he was buried on was sold in 1830, a provision was made that the graves of these two people would remain.  With each sale of this property, that was always a provision.  The last owner of the home that was once here was William Sexton.  He sold the property to The Eagles Club (the former Joshua Hannah home) and as all their predecessors have done, they kept the grave area and maintain it beautifully.  The house was torn down and the parking lot made, but the graves of Johnathon and Catherine will always be safe. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Are Having A Tour Of Gretchen's Lock In October

October 16 is our next Gretchen's Lock Tour.  It starts at 6pm.  As always, it is free!  Please come and hear the ghostly tales of Sprucevale!  Hopefully the ghosts won't follow us around, but I can't make any guarantees!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


First of all, thank you Cassidie Edwards for once again making us an awesome flyer!  This is wonderful!  We are having a Haunted and Historical Tour of East Liverpool on Sep 24 as a fundraiser.  It starts at 4pm.  Proceeds will be going to the Marshall Famly, who lost Gage and Charles in a fire on August 15.  Please come and tour the city of East Liverpool and learn some of her secrets.  The tour should last about 1 1/2 hours.  Hope to see you there!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Events for October 22

October 22 The Horsemans Club and Camp on Sprucevale is having an event that includes a Haunted Hayride.  Lock 57 is having a Sandy and Beaver Canal Historical Society Event also on that day.  This event include flat bottom boat rides up Beaver Creek.  As soon as I get more information on both of these events, I will post them.  Depending on the times of the events, G12P will be at both having fun!!!!
 Looks like a truly eventful Halloween!!!!

Hanoverton's Ghost Walk October Tour Schedule 2011

The October Hanoverton Ghost Walk Tour Schedule is every Saturday night in October, meeting at the Spread Eagle Tavern at 7:15 pm. 
Cost is $6 per person!  This is an awesome tour! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Haunted and Historical Tour of Lisbon Is Ready!

If you were in Lisbon yesterday you may have seen us walking around town.  Actually you couldn't have missed us because a couple of us had on a costume.  Mine was pretty!  We have been in Lisbon for the last 4 days straight working on what we think is an awesome tour!  We have ghost stories, visit a graveyard, and climb one big hill beside the Eagles!  But I think you will have a great time!  Remember the tours start at 1pm.  (4pm and 7pm too!)  The cost is $5 per person!  Also check out our booth located by the old Ivystone Lounge! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My long time friend, Cassidie Edwards designed this for us recently and we will be using this in our future advertising's.  She is a graphic designer who does an awesome job!  Her ideas are fresh and creative and we are excited that she is helping us out!  Thank you  Cassidie! If you are interested in contacting Cassidie, here is her email address:


G12P will be at the Johnny Appleseed Festival this weekend with a booth set up and tours of Lisbon.  The tours are $5 per person and benefits both the Lisbon Chamber of Commerce and US!  We are working to get funds for new costumes and equipment, so please come out and visit us this weekend!!!!  We will be working on our tour tonight and you will not miss us as an dark shadowed figure may well be accompanying us!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


 One of the way cool stories we uncovered at the library today concerned a little girl.  Her father, Mike Lusk, was working on Lusk's Lock in 1836.  He came from England along with his wife and daughter.  His wife did not like being stuck out in the wilderness alone while he worked on the lock, so one day she took off and he never saw her again.  She left behind their three year old daughter. 

He tried to have a neighbor watch her, but she cried for her daddy all the time.  Mike ended up taking her with him on the job.  Sadly, she developed double pneumonia and it killed her. 
Mike Lusk buried his daughter on the east side of Lock 27, hence the name Lusk's Lock.  She is on the left side at the top of the stairs.

According to the book I found this story in, it included a picture and I copied it at the library.  Then Mike and I went on an adventure to see what we could find.
A large flat slate stone was laid  on top of her body.  While Mike Lusk did return to England, he left the body of his little girl entombed in the Lock. 
My initial thought was that it might be a version of the Gretchen story, but the article went on to say there were actually two girls buried in Locks for the Sand and Beaver Canal System.  Gretchen and little Miss Lusk.

Research Takes A Lot Of Time~

I spent 3 1/2 hours at the Lepper Library in Lisbon today.  It is looking through old dusty  books and any other scrap of info I can find there.  Lots of times hours go by and I don't even realize it.  Today was a great day for me because I found some awesome info that I am excited about.  In fact the next story on here is one I found today.  And you never know what you will find or where on any research mission.   I will say it is all worth it.  Like finding buried treasure.  Buried in books.  :)

Erastus Eells

One of my favorite stories on the Lisbon Haunted and Historical Tour is about Erastus Eells.  My buddy Briana was looking through a book in the library with me down in the history room and she found an actual picture of him!  It is great to be able to see what some of the actual historical characters looked like from this county! 

Friday, September 9, 2011


Fernwood?  What was it?  That old book I found at the Library mentioned Fernwood a lot.  This is a picture of the place from 1895.  The picture above it is from a Bigfoot walk we did in early May of this year.  I think we found the area it once was.  I went on a facebook page called Historical Memories of East Liverpool and asked about it.  One comment said that Fernwood was a favorite place of President McKinley to visit.  It was kind of his Camp David.   I am researching this place further and plan on making a second trip to the spot we found, including crossing the creek to get there.  If you know anything, please email me!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


I found this awesome book in the library today.  I have the title page pictured below.  I got to see things I never thought I ever would in this book!!  For example, Grimms Bridge in 1895!!!  Awesome!  Just awesome! 
There are other pics from this book I hope to share once I find them and what they look like today!  I have hope that there are other pictures out there of places like Hells Half Acre, Island Run, and maybe even a painting of Sprucevale (I can dream can't I!)!  One of the pics I will be putting on here is of a place called Fernwood.  I think I know where that is and hope to get down there soon to get pics of it! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


 Melvina Kuntzman  is a friend of mine from an awesome ghost hunting crew called O.A.R.A.  She sent me a story she knows about Salem's Cry Baby Bridge.  I am looking for more information about this story and anyone else who might have experienced this.  Here is what she sent:
I was reading the stuff u had on Egypt Road and there is another story that I know and have experienced there. There is a ghost on the bridge called, The Lady of the Mist. I dont know where the name came from or who she is but if u turn on to the pull off with ur headlights facing the guard rail they have up, she comes up from the right side of the bridge and u can see her walking towards your car. I have seen her twice with in the last 10 years. 
If you have  ever seen anything like this please email me your story! 

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Cemetery on Rt 168 Near Industry PA

 Out exploring today, we found this awesome little cemetery along Route 168 in PA.  It has some grave markers I have never seen.  Like these, pictures left, which are shaped like old pine coffins.  Totally awesome!
We were amazed at the many different types of markers that were here.  It made it so very interesting walk through.  The earliest grave I could find with a marker was 1817.  The newest one was 1928. 

Mike loves to walk through the old ones, like I do.  While it has a lot that are just laying on the ground or toppled over, there are many still very readable. 

We are working to find the name of it and some history on it.  When I find something, I will post it.  If you know anything about it, email me!!

 Here is a better look at the coffin shaped stone markers found here.  I thought they were amazing.  I saw a smaller version of this in Grove Hill Cemetery in Hanoverton.
We are looking forward to going back when it isn't raining. 
We were out looking for Wolf Run or Wolf Run Rd (we did find something, but that is another story).  The Ohioville Police mentioned that area was very haunted!  We hope to find it and investigate the area to find out.  If you know what we are talking about, again, please email me!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Few More Pics From Our Hillview Manor Adventure in April

Facebook Photo Album of Our Hillview Manor Adventure

Here are a few more pics of our Hillview Manor Adventure.  21 of us went at a cost of $1050 in April of this year.  We had a great time and nearly all of us had some personal experience that was of a paranormal nature.  For me it was the little boy Jeffery on the second floor.  I was waiting by one of our cameras, alone, at the front of the children's area. It was pitch black in there and all I had was this little flashlight.   Jon was telling me how to angle the camera and all of a sudden I felt like someone was right behind me.  I just had this picture in my head of a little boy with a bowl haircut reaching his hand toward me with a grin on his face.  I bolted back to our camera base and Jon, Amber, and Will all laughed at me. Creepy.
We met Candy Braniff and she was awesome.   However, at a cost of $1050 for all of us, I don't know that we will go back any time soon.  Since TAPS has been there, the price will no doubt go up.....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking For Bigfoot in Columbiana County

This was one  of our Bigfoot advenrtures during our camp out in August. 
Special guest Dennis Russel; also Jack's brother, Steve! 
G12P Bigfoot Hunt  

Hoge’s Restaurant-A Lasting Chunk of Calcutta History

You never know where you are going to find information about an area. I went into Hoge’s Restaurant in Calcutta see if they knew anything about the little buildings on the property beside them. They couldn't help me there, so I asked if there was any history on their building and they gave me a copy of the front of their menu, which has the Hoge’s Restaurant history on it. I was pleasantly surprised!
Ella and Kenneth Hoge started a small sit down restaurant with curb service on Dresden Avenue in 1945. The current owner, Pearl McHenry, started working there in 1946, at the age of 13. Business was booming and in 1947, Mr. Hoge found the current building which is Hoge’s today. While that is a story in itself, the building is what my story centers around today. 
It was built in the early 1900’s and was known as the Lincoln Lodge. During the days of speak-easies and prohibition it was known as the Chatterbox. It was very popular, perhaps because you could find  things like gambling, bootlegging, and prostitution there. In Calcutta? Who would have thought?!

After someone was killed at the Chatterbox (something we are researching) and also at the Club Plantation (Itchy Walker in 1940. Unsolved), the Women’s Tempest Union worked to get the township declared dry, and succeeded. That remained so until 2008.

For a while the building was a market and a feed store when it was bought by Paul Estop. He would grind his own flour and feed in the back building. That brings us back to 1947 when Mr. Hoge bought the building and turned it into Hoge’s Restaurant. In the 1950’s it was a very popular place for family nights out, after football games or dances too!

Today it is owned by Don and Pearl McHenry, who bought it from the Hoge’s in 1969. Considering Calcutta hasn’t got much of their historical buildings left, I think that makes this one an awesome place to visit. There is even a large stone fireplace in the dining room!
Of course, it does help that their food is excellent and so is the service!